U.S. District Judge Roy Altman QUASHES Subpoenas in Phillipe Martinez and MSR Media Case Involving Dr. Timothy Harris

Miami, FL – In a significant legal development, United States District Judge Roy Altman has QUASHED subpoenas in the high-profile case involving Phillipe Martinez, MSR Media, and Dr. Timothy Harris. The ruling, delivered on June 6, 2024, addresses the scope and execution of subpoenas that were previously issued.

The court’s judgment was summarized as follows:

  1. Harris’s Motion to Quash Subpoena: Dr. Timothy Harris’s motion to quash the subpoena served on Bank of America [ECF No. 10] has been granted. Consequently, the subpoena issued to Bank of America has been quashed.
  2. Order Granting § 1782 Application Vacated: Judge Altman vacated the previous order that granted the § 1782 application [ECF No. 7], citing concerns about the breadth of the permitted discovery. As a result, all subpoenas issued under this order have been quashed.
  3. Other Motions to Quash Deemed Moot: The motions filed by Caribbean Galaxy and Ying Jin to quash subpoenas to JP Morgan Chase Bank [ECF No. 20] and additional subpoenas [ECF No. 26] have been denied as moot, given the vacating of the § 1782 application order.
  4. Restriction on Further Subpoenas: The applicants are barred from serving any additional subpoenas under the vacated § 1782 application order

The decision came after a thorough review by Judge Altman, who emphasized the need for careful consideration of the discovery’s scope and its potential implications. The ruling marks a crucial turning point in the ongoing legal proceedings, underscoring the court’s commitment to ensuring fairness and due process.

The case has attracted widespread attention due to the prominent figures involved and the serious allegations at its core. Dr. Timothy Harris, former Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, has been at the center of this legal battle, which now sees a temporary halt in the discovery process as directed by the Southern District of Florida.

The applicants, Phillipe Martinez and MSR Media, are expected to reassess their approach and may pursue a renewed application as permitted by the court. The developments in this case will be closely monitored.

Judge Roy Altman’s ruling reinforces the judicial system’s oversight in managing complex legal disputes, particularly those involving international parties and significant public interest.

For more detailed coverage and ongoing updates, stay tuned to the St. Kitts and Nevis Times.

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