SKN Labour Party’s Immaturity Evident in Independence 40 Celebration Choices as National Heroes Day Ceremony will not be held at Team Unity constructed National Heroes Park in Conaree

**** The St. Kitts and Nevis (SKN) Labour Party administration, under the leadership of Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew, is once again facing criticism for its perceived immaturity and political pettiness. This time, it’s in relation to the Independence 40 calendar of events, which has sparked controversy due to its venue choices for the National Heroes recognition ceremony. Rather than utilizing the National Heroes Park at Conaree, a central venue housing statues of all the national heroes, the Drew administration has opted for the Bradshaw Memorial Park, where only the statue of Robert L. Bradshaw, the country’s first Premier and National Hero stands. This decision has raised eyebrows and drawn sharp criticism, as it appears to be rooted in political bias. Most believe that the choice to exclude the National Heroes Park is a direct result of its construction during the previous administration led by Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, indicating a continuation of political pettiness within the SKN Labour Party administration. This decision is seen as emblematic of the administration’s ongoing immaturity and a focus on divisive politics rather than national unity. Most notably, the absence of any planned activities to honor Dr. Sir Kennedy A. Simmonds, the country’s first Prime Minister , the Only Living National Hero and the individual who led St. Kitts and Nevis to independence, is a glaring oversight. This omission has not gone unnoticed by citizens, who expected a more mature and inclusive approach from the Drew administration. In light of these developments, the Dr. Terrance Drew led SKN Labour Party administration must address these concerns and strive for a more mature and united approach to governance, as promised during their campaign. The nation deserves an administration that prioritizes national unity and recognition of all its heroes, regardless of political affiliations.

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