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Basseterre, St.Kitts (December 2016):- Old and recent conflicts between King AYAH TOLLAH and certain prime local musicians resulted in the calypsonian not performing in this year’s Senior Calypso Monarch competition.
First it was at Tent level. Bad communication and ill feelings resulted in Ayah Tollah’s song not getting the musical arrangement necessary for the upcoming live stages of the competition.

“They got me in a spin from the Tent dates and gave me the total run around right up to the 11th hour of the Eliminations. Eventually they announced that due to some old, bad, unfinished business between myself and some musicians, they had made the decision not to work with me and not to arrange my songs for the upcoming carnival shows.
Their defense was that my many years in the calypso should have taught me better and they could justify their action not to raise a finger to work with me and inevitably block me from this year’s Senior Calypso Monarch competition.

Earlier this year I made an agreement with John Francis and his DanceBEAT Records to work with him as my Producer, Manager, Publisher. He has for some years been pushing me to approach my career in fresh ways. His involvement now covers all aspects of my musical career.

Together we developed a strategy for 2016-17 Carnival that involved releasing two songs that could get placed in the Calypso Monarch Competition”, says Ayah Tollah

“The current stand off by some Carnival official backing musicians with Ayah Tollah and his non-appearance in this year’s competition has resulted in a complete change of plan to get Ayah Tollah’s new music to the people. The Calypso Monarch Competition is not the beginning nor the end.
The proof of success of a good calypso is when a song can still reach and the hearts and minds of the public long after Last Lap.
It’s my job to build and implement a strategy that will make that happen”, comments John Francis.

King AYAH TOLLAH concludes,

“Having been locked out of this year’s competition, I had to change and update my song to make it relevant, current and not disappoint the fans who were anxiously waiting to hear and see me perform this season.”

Let it be known far and wide…King AYAH TOLLAH will be soon “BOUNCING BACK”


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