In a candid revelation during a recent round table interview on August 31st, 2023, Dr. Drew has unveiled a disconcerting oversight in the Cayon water drilling project, located in St. Kitts. The crux of his admission revolves around a glaring issue – the absence of essential infrastructure, particularly the required piping.This startling confession by Dr. Drew himself serves as a glaring indictment of the project’s overall planning and preparation. It brings into sharp focus a dismaying lack of foresight displayed both by Dr. Drew and the contracted drilling company, Bead, casting doubt on their competency to effectively oversee this crucial initiative.Dr. Drew’s revelation has laid bare the uncomfortable truth that while a substantial water source boasting 700,000 to 1 million gallons per day had been discovered, vital infrastructure, specifically the requisite piping, was conspicuously absent from the equation. This revelation paints a vivid picture of inadequate planning and oversight, raising concerns about the suitability of the individuals entrusted with steering this significant project.At its core, Dr. Drew’s disclosure highlights a troubling disconnect between the project’s aspirations and its execution. The 70-hour test, a pivotal juncture in such endeavors, necessitates meticulous preparation. Dr. Drew’s acknowledgment that the essential piping was unavailable in St. Kitts underscores a failure to secure necessary resources before embarking on the drilling. This oversight not only reflects negatively on Dr. Drew’s leadership but also brings into question Bead’s competence as a drilling company.In summary, the inability of Dr. Drew and Bead to anticipate and address this basic logistical requirement serves as a stark reminder of their collective ineptitude in managing a project of this magnitude. Such negligence can yield dire consequences, extending beyond project delays and increased costs, potentially jeopardizing the water supply for the community of Cayon, St. Kitts. This situation underscores the imperative of robust planning and competent project management in critical infrastructure endeavors.

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