SKN Labour Party Advisor Douglas Wattley Sounds Alarm Over Party Infighting

In a recent social media post, Douglas Wattley, an advisor and party activist within the SKN Labour Party, has raised concerns about the serious infighting within the party and its administration. Wattley’s candid remarks shed light on a growing divide that threatens the unity of the party.

According to Wattley, the division within the SKN Labour Party can be simplified into two distinct groups: the foot soldiers, who fervently support Prime Minister Drew, and the stalwarts, who have remained loyal to past leaders and seek the removal of Drew from his leadership position. This deep-rooted conflict has the potential to trigger a major implosion within the party and even lead to the downfall of the party’s administration.

Wattley’s warning is a stark reminder of the fragility of political alliances and the need for internal unity. The SKN Labour Party must address these internal rifts to avoid a fate similar to the Team Unity administration, which ultimately crumbled due to unresolved divisions among its member parties. The future of the party and its administration hangs in the balance, making reconciliation and cohesion imperative.

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