In a bold statement of conviction, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, the leader of the Team Unity Administration in St. Kitts and Nevis, declares his unapologetic commitment to putting Citizenship by Investment (CBI) revenues directly into the hands of the country’s less fortunate citizens. Under his leadership, the focus shifted from funding ambitious projects of foreign investors to investing in social programs that uplifted the poor and vulnerable.

Dr. Harris’s vision for CBI revenues prioritizes the welfare of the local population over catering to foreign investors seeking quick massive gains. He firmly believes that the true measure of success lies in the positive and direct impact of these funds on the lives of those most in need.

Some of the social safety net measures included the historic launch of the poverty alleviation program to provide citizens at the lower end with a top up to meet the cost of living ie the liveable wage, the continuing support of STEP, Peace program, the huge budget support for national security, the opening of the oncology wing, the day treatment Centre, increase in the remuneration package for nurses, the largest income support program during covid etc The Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris led gov’t  made possible given prudent management of cbi resources. The unprecedented support to Nevis island administration and people, repayment of the former Govt huge debt to the IMF , 500 million to redeem lands from the land for debt swap arrangements all are legacy achievements of the Harris led team unity government.

Unlike previous approaches that saw CBI funds flow into incomplete projects with limited local benefit, Dr. Harris redirected these resources into supporting essential social programs. This pragmatic strategy ensured that the less privileged were provided with better access to education, healthcare, housing, and other vital services.

The shift in policy not only addressed immediate needs but also aimed to empower the poor and vulnerable citizens in the long run. By investing in their welfare and future, the Team Unity Administration has set a strong foundation for sustainable growth and development in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Moreover, this approach fostered a sense of community and unity among the locals, as they witnessed the tangible benefits of their government’s actions. Dr. Harris’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of his people has garnered praise and support from citizens across the nation.

Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris’s steadfast dedication to utilizing CBI revenues for the betterment of St. Kitts and Nevis’ underprivileged communities demonstrates a remarkable display of leadership. By investing in social programs that directly impact the poor and vulnerable, the Team Unity Administration has laid the groundwork for a more equitable and prosperous future for all citizens.

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