UMHS St. Kitts and Larkin University Forge New Articulation Agreement

In a significant step towards advancing medical education, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts (UMHS) and Larkin University in Miami, Florida, have inked an Articulation Agreement. This milestone pact offers students at Larkin University a streamlined pathway to automatic acceptance into UMHS’s esteemed Doctor of Medicine program, contingent on meeting specific criteria outlined in the agreement.

To qualify for this seamless transition, students must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 90 credits from an accredited college or university, along with all prerequisite courses.
  2. Attain a minimum GPA as stipulated.
  3. Achieve a specified minimum MCAT score.
  4. Receive a favorable recommendation for admission following an interview with a UMHS representative.
  5. Demonstrate commendable citizenship both in school and the community.
  6. Provide a letter of recommendation from their undergraduate institution.

This groundbreaking agreement not only fosters academic collaboration between the two institutions but also paves the way for aspiring medical professionals to embark on a promising educational journey. It signifies a commitment to nurturing and equipping future physicians with the best tools and resources available.

For those seeking more information on this remarkable opportunity, visit UMHS’s official blog.

For inquiries regarding applications, reach out to UMHS via their official contact page.

Likewise, individuals interested in contacting Larkin University can do so via their official contact page. This new partnership is poised to elevate medical education standards, offering aspiring doctors a pathway to success like never before.

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