Nevisian Business Specialist Authors New Book. Set to be Featured Speaker at Canada’s Caribbean Business Expo

Charlestown, Nevis (January 12th, 2016):- Canada based Nevisian Business Specialist Jelani Daniel has authored and released his first book entitled Forward March: Life Quotes.
Daniel is a licensed auto-sales consultant and the Creator of forwarding March Leadership. The now much sort after Motivational Speaker has built a movement of inspiration which sets as its foundation “behavior towards others. It is not guarded by race, wealth or education.”
“I am someone who believes in changing the world through ideas and action. I believe in the power and strength of the human spirit, a life lover. My writings are my way of sharing my journey in hopes to inspire and motivate others,” says Daniel

Forward March Book of Life Quotes

1. The more you trust yourself the less you have to worry about trusting others.
Forward March!
1. If you win all the battles you will lose the war.
Forward March!
1. Thieves have the most questions about trust.
Forward March!
1. The more you complain, the quieter your voice gets.
Forward March!
I thought it was said the squeakiest wheel gets the most grease?

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Daniel is set to be the featured speaker at the 2016 Toronto Caribbean Business Expo set for Sunday, April 24th at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, Ontario. Presented by The Toronto Caribbean Newspaper & Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) the Toronto Business expo brings together people interested in doing business with the Caribbean or the Caribbean community and explore the opportunities for profit and collaboration.
The 2015 Expo attracted over 60 exhibitors, who filled the room with eye-catching trade show displays. It was then no surprise to find out that there were over 1000 attendees. When it comes to businesses, it is all about making a positive first impression, in the hopes of attracting new potential clients.

jelani daniel

Daniel was born and partly raised in Brickiln, Nevis to Nevisian Parents Ercell Daniel and Lindsay Lloyd

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