ONE YEAR LATER STILL NO FAIR SHARE – Premier Brantley Battles On as PM Drew Clings to Nevis’ Fair Share

Premier Mark Brantley of Nevis spearheaded the break-up of Team Unity, citing a perceived lack of promised support for his Nevis Island Administration . Brantley contended that Nevis was not receiving its due FAIR SHARE from the coalition arrangement, prompting his departure from Prime Minister Dr. Hon Timothy Harris’s leadership. Central to Brantley’s argument was the assertion that the monthly income support of $6.6 million from the DR. Hon. Timothy Harris led federal government fell far short of what Nevis had been promised. This stance led to the dismantling of Team Unity and paved the way for the new Drew-led Labour administration. However, despite the change in leadership, Brantley and the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) are still in pursuit of what they deem a fair share. Prime Minister Drew’s administration has maintained the same financial arrangement inherited from the previous administration. Now, over a year into Drew’s term, Nevis’ elusive “fair share” remains a point of contention. The promised support continues to evade Brantley, the CCM-led NIA, and the people of Nevis, as the Drew administration seemingly withholds the much-discussed allocation. This ongoing struggle highlights the complexities of regional cooperation and allocation of resources in political partnerships.

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