Ministers Samal Duggins and Konris Maynard Face Intense Scrutiny Over Kim Collins Stadium Delays

In a growing controversy, Minister of Sports Samal Duggins and Minister of Public Works Konris Maynard are under intensifying scrutiny for the failure to commence renovations on the Kim Collins Stadium. Despite assurances from Minister Duggins that the stadium would be ready for the annual interschool championships in March, no work has begun three months later, forcing the relocation of the National Championships and Olympic Trials to Nevis.

The unprecedented decision to hold the SKN Athletics 2024 National Championship and Olympic Trials at the Nevis Athletic Stadium on June 16th, starting at 10 am, marks the first time these events have been moved away from St. Kitts. This relocation has sparked renewed calls for Minister Duggins’ replacement, with critics pointing to significant shortcomings in sports development under his tenure.

Minister Maynard has also faced heavy criticism for his inability to initiate any major capital projects, including the promised upgrades to the Kim Collins Stadium. Stakeholders and the public alike are expressing frustration over the stalled progress, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability and effective leadership in both the sports and public works sectors.

As the situation unfolds, the pressure mounts on both ministers to address the delays and deliver on their commitments, with the sports community eagerly awaiting tangible progress on the Kim Collins Stadium project.

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