Jihan Williams-Knight Appointed Chair of St.Kitts and Nevis Cannabis Authority Board of Directors In a significant move to Revitalize the Stagnant Industry

Minister Samal Duggins observing a Ganja Farm Overseas

In a significant move to revitalize the stagnant cannabis industry, Registrar and Attorney Jihan Williams-Knight has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Cannabis Authority Board of Directors. This appointment comes after nearly two years of minimal progress in the sector, which has been described by many as stagnant.

Williams-Knight’s appointment is seen as a much-needed boost for the Cannabis Authority, which has struggled with leadership and transparency issues. Her competence and leadership are expected to breathe new life into the Authority and the industry at large. Stakeholders are optimistic that she will provide the strong direction that has been noticeably absent.

One of the critical areas Williams-Knight is expected to address is the lack of transparency within the board of directors. To date, the names of the board members have not been disclosed to the public, a situation that has fueled concerns and criticisms. Williams-Knight’s leadership is anticipated to bring much-needed clarity and openness to the board’s operations.

Additionally, her appointment is hoped to energize the activities at the Cannabis Secretariat, which, like the industry itself, has seen little movement. With her at the helm, there is optimism that the Secretariat will become more active and effective in its role.

The cannabis industry is poised for a fresh start with Williams-Knight’s appointment, promising a new era of progress and development under her capable leadership.

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