International Hip Hop Reggae Artist Edley Shine Partners with Symphonic for Distribution Deal, Drops Buzzin’ Single and Music Video ‘Life’s Journey’

DOWNLOAD PHOTO HEREPHOTO CREDIT – Edley ShineNew York, New York — June 2024 __(Acclaim PR) — Hip Hop Reggae Artist Edley Shine has officially solidified a new distribution partnership with industry powerhouse Symphonic and the first explosive project “Life’s Journey” has arrived to much excitement. The collaboration between Edley Shine’s Shinealous Records and Symphonic marks a significant milestone in the esteemed artist’s career. It opens up a variety of opportunities for his label that you just don’t get as an Indie.”So far with my first release, I have had dedicated meetings with numerous departments at Symphonic,” says Edley Shine. “Their responsiveness is welcoming and new to me, as I have been an independent label owner for 20 years and up until now, no distribution company has ever given me their internal resources out the gate.”With the buzzin’, Reggae fueled “Life’s Journey” now availble across digital and streaming platforms, the first effort between Edley’s Shinealous Records and Synphonic is blazing a musical trail. Produced by the talented Sawfie Alliance, “Life’s Journey” features additional production from Grammy-nominated Roe Summerz, known for his work with artists like Beenie Man, Tommy Lee, Ding Dong, and Dustin (Skooly) Marshall. This infectious track is the first installment in a riddim series, with the full compilation set to be unveiled in the Summer of 2024.
WATCH – Edley Shine’s Life’s Journey
Edley Shine says, “‘Life’s Journey’ is a statement record about where I am in life. I think people will relate to it if they listen to the words. I shot the video in Jamaica after not going there for 6 years. This powerful Reggae record is a reconnection to my roots.”Additionally, “Life’s Journey” is a reset effort for Edley Shine, one he can add to his catalog proudly. With an acoustic version of the song as well, Edley Shine is moving closer to his goal for “Life’s Journey” being a Sunday staple in Caribbean homes, while the big meals are being prepared.Impressive responses to “Life’s Journey” by fans and DJs alike are spreading like quickfire, while driving up streams and video views. Many have taken to social media to hail the moving “Life’s Journey” with one music enthusiast declaring it perfectly as an “amazing foundation record, which captures an authentic Reggae sound, while showcasing Edley Shine’s artistic diversity and growth.”Naturally, Edley Shine is inspired by the many positive vibes being garnered by “Life’s Journey.” The International artist says, “I always seek to take the road that represents the current state of affairs when it comes to the music. Up until this year with the release of the Bob Marley movie ‘One Love’…Jamaican music was given a back seat and almost put in the trunk of the global music industry.””It’s only right that Reggae is again in the forefront, hence my release of a record I recorded over four years ago. Timing is everything,” Edley Shine adds.
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DOWNLOAD ARTWORK HEREAs the industry witnesses a shift toward social media hype and superficial successes, Edley Shine is taking a different path. He is not only an artist but also a label executive dedicated to nurturing and investing in young Jamaican talent, a mission he holds close to his heart.Under his Shinealous Records imprint, Edley Shine is set to unleash multiple riddim projects in collaboration with label partners, such as DJ Jamar and DJ Baby Ace. Furthermore, a Dancehall project by Roe Summerz and fresh talents in development will showcase Edley Shine’s commitment to supporting independent artists.In his own words, Edley Shine reflects on the evolving music landscape, “I emphasize the importance of genuine connections, quality music, and strategic networking over fleeting trends.”True stardom is built on relationships, good music, and the ability to navigate playlisting, branding, and engaging with fans and radio stations.”I am not just the forgotten member of Born Jamericans. I am a torchbearer for the culture of Reggae and Dancehall,” expresses Edley Shine. “My unwavering love for this music drives me to evolve and thrive amidst its challenges and ever-changing trajectory.””My vision is to bring Authentic Reggae/Hip Hop/Dancehall back to Global prominence with great records and marketing. I just needed the platform, as I’m willing to invest in myself and do the ground work. I’m confident Symphonic can get the music even further once they see the work ethic,” says Edley Shine.Not everyone that signs up to be a partner with Symphonic is chosen. They have a vetting process. Symphonic has partnered with heavyhitters including Ineffable Records (from Demarco, KES and Stick Figures), Latin artists Nicky Jams, Daddy Yankee and 90’s group Onyx to name a few. These all are global brands and huge artists.Edley Shine will perform “Life’s Journey,” along with a celebrated catalog of classics, while on tour with Mad Lion this summer in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.FOLLOW EDLEY SHINEInstagram | Facebook | X | TikTok-end-Download Press Assets:Download DJ Promo PakFor More Information Please Contact:
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