From Dancehall to Roots Reggae: Alwayne Love’s Artistic Evolution Will Be Revealed On June 28th

The journey of an artist through the evolving landscapes of musical genres embodies both expansion and growth. Alwayne Love, a figure who once worked solely within the vibrant realms of dancehall under the moniker J-Love, exemplifies such a trek. Expanding from the fast-paced beats of dancehall to the soulful rhythms of roots reggae, Love‘s creative evolution mirrors a deeper exploration into his musical roots and spirituality. This shift highlights both his versatility and adaptability.

Hence, after several adjustments to the release schedule, Alwayne Love is set to unveil his latest single, “Africa The Motherland,” on June 28th, 2024. This reggae track marks a significant shift from his previous releases, thus showcasing his artistic progression. The single, which was produced and mixed by Steven Ventura of M-Phatic Music, will be shared via T25 Records, the imprint to which Alwayne Love is now signed. 

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