Alarm Raised in St.Kitts and Nevis Over Brewing Healthcare Crisis Due to Autopsy Backlog

July 9, 2024 — Families, citizens, and social activists are raising alarms about what appears to be another brewing healthcare crisis in St. Kitts and Nevis. Reports have surfaced of significant delays in processing bodies for autopsy by the overseas-based pathologist, causing considerable distress for grieving families and delaying funeral preparations.

Speculation is rife that the overseas based pathologist may be demanding higher fees or experiencing payment issues. At least three families are currently affected by this backlog. One family, in particular, took to the airwaves, calling into FREEDOM FM’s “Issues” program to express their frustration with the seemingly disorganized and mismanaged healthcare system.

Transcript Highlights:

Caller 1: “We are calling specifically about a matter with a family friend. There was a death in Newtown some weeks ago of a young man named James Morton. The family has been trying to get an autopsy for nearly four weeks now, and the process has been delayed. The family is very disturbed. His mother, Joycelyn Morton, has been told repeatedly that the pathologist is unavailable.”

Host Jamiella McPhail: “A family member of Mr. Morton reached out to me last week, expressing frustration about the delay in releasing the body. Losing a loved one is traumatic enough without having to face such issues. Whoever is in charge, I’m just asking them to fix it because this is something people shouldn’t have to come to the radio to ask about.”

Caller 1: “The family is very traumatized. The mother is in a state of limbo, unsure of what to do next. The pathologist’s unavailability is unacceptable, especially for such a long period.”

Host Jamiella McPhail: “I will do some investigations, but it seems there are issues with payment for the pathologist. This is a situation that others are facing too, not just this family.”

Caller 2: “It appears there’s a problem with payment for the pathologist. He has been refusing to do the autopsies because he’s not getting paid. This needs to be fixed immediately as families need closure.”

The situation has sparked widespread concern and frustration, with citizens taking to social media to demand accountability and swift action from authorities. The healthcare system’s inability to manage this issue effectively has added to the grief of families already traumatized by the loss of their loved ones.

Urgent Need for Resolution

Authorities are being urged to address the payment issues with the pathologist and streamline the autopsy process to prevent further delays. The community calls for transparency and accountability to restore public trust in the healthcare system. The plight of families waiting for closure underscores the critical need for efficient and compassionate handling of such sensitive matters.

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