Armed Robber Shot and Killed by Police in Anguilla Supermarket Incident

On Sunday afternoon, July 7, 2024, the Royal Anguilla Police Force confirmed that an armed robber was shot and killed by police at a supermarket in East End. The deceased, a 19-year-old male from Rey Hill, Anguilla, was reportedly in the process of committing an armed robbery when the incident occurred.

According to a police report, the event unfolded spontaneously while officers were attending to an unrelated matter at the supermarket. Evidence suggests that the deceased entered the supermarket armed with a non-police-issued firearm, which was later recovered from the scene. Immediate police action resulted in the fatal shooting of the suspect.

A police source emphasized that while the incident may have shocked the community, it appears to be an isolated event with no wider threat to public safety. The Royal Anguilla Police Force has extended thoughts and prayers to those affected by the incident and assured the community that an investigation is underway to determine the full circumstances surrounding the event. The next of kin of the deceased have been informed and will be kept updated on the investigation’s progress.

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