Top 20 Surnames Unveiled: The Astonishing Tapestry of Antigua and Barbuda’s Heritage

Antigua and Barbuda, a Caribbean nation known for its stunning beaches and rich cultural heritage, is home to a diverse population with a wide array of surnames. These names carry with them a legacy of history, heritage, and familial ties. Let’s delve into the most common last names in Antigua and Barbuda and uncover the stories they hold.

1Joseph3,2401 in 31
2Thomas1,8481 in 54
3Williams1,8021 in 55
4James1,6871 in 59
5Francis1,6081 in 62
6Henry1,5231 in 65
7Browne1,4971 in 66
8Samuel1,3621 in 73
9Edwards1,2921 in 77
10Roberts1,2421 in 80
11Martin1,1861 in 84
12Simon1,1661 in 85
13Benjamin1,1311 in 88
14Charles1,1071 in 90
15Richards1,0811 in 92
16Lewis1,0281 in 96
17George1,0161 in 98
18Smith8111 in 122
19Davis7151 in 139
20Jarvis6361 in 156

These surnames are not just names; they are windows into the intricate tapestry of Antigua and Barbuda’s history, culture, and social fabric. Each name carries a story, a connection, and a legacy that resonates through generations. They are a testament to the diversity and richness that defines this enchanting Caribbean nation.

The Significance of Common Surnames

  1. Joseph: With over 3,000 occurrences, Joseph is the most prevalent surname in Antigua and Barbuda. This name, often associated with biblical heritage, reflects the enduring influence of religious traditions in the nation.
  2. Thomas: Thomas comes in second place, indicating a strong presence of European influence. It is a name with widespread usage in various cultures, reflecting the diverse history of the islands.
  3. Williams: A name of English origin, Williams is the third most common surname. Its prevalence speaks to the historical ties between Antigua and Barbuda and the British colonial era.
  4. James: James, a name of both English and Scottish origin, holds significant prevalence. It reflects the impact of European colonization on the island’s population.
  5. Francis: Francis, a name rooted in Christian tradition, is also highly common. It highlights the enduring influence of religious values in Antigua and Barbuda.
  6. Henry: Henry is a name associated with English, Scottish, and Irish heritage. Its presence indicates the diverse cultural background of the population.
  7. Browne: Browne, likely of English or Irish origin, reflects the historical influence of European settlers on the island’s demographic landscape.
  8. Samuel: Samuel is another name of biblical origin, emphasizing the deep-seated religious roots in Antiguan and Barbudan culture.
  9. Edwards: Edwards is a name with English and Welsh roots, underlining the diverse European heritage of the islands.
  10. Roberts: Roberts is a name with Welsh origin, indicating another facet of the European influence on the nation.

These surnames, like threads in a vibrant tapestry, weave together the diverse cultural, historical, and spiritual influences that have shaped Antiguan and Barbudan society. Each name carries a unique story, a testament to the rich heritage that defines this enchanting Caribbean nation.

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