Team Unity and Hon. Eugene Hamilton’s Commitment Bears Fruit as PM Drew led SKNLP Government Commissions New Well in Cayon

Residents of Cayon witnessed a momentous occasion on the morning of May 10, 2024, as the government commissioned a new well in Cabbage Tree, Cayon. This significant development follows the return of favorable test results from overseas laboratories, marking a milestone in addressing the community’s water needs.

The announcement was made by Water Minister Hon. Konris Maynard during the May 9, 2024, sitting of the National Assembly. Minister Maynard expressed his delight at the positive test results, emphasizing that the water from the Cayon well meets all necessary World Health Organization standards for potable water. This achievement not only signifies a tangible solution to the longstanding water crisis but also heralds the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at improving water services across the nation.

A ceremony commemorating the commissioning of the new well was attended by various government officials, including Prime Minister and Constituency Representative Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, and Water Minister Konris Maynard. The presence of residents of Cayon underscored the significance of this event for the local community.

The journey to discovering and commissioning the well traces back to the efforts of the previous Team Unity Administration, under the leadership of then-Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, and the dedicated work of Hon. Eugene Hamilton, the area representative. Hamilton’s proactive engagement and facilitation of payments to BEAD played a pivotal role in initiating the exploration process, paving the way for the eventual discovery of the well.

In May 2022, the Team Unity Cabinet approved a payment of USD $600,000.00 to bring BEAD back to Cayon, reaffirming their commitment to addressing the water challenges facing the region. The culmination of these efforts, with the commissioning of the new well, marks a significant step forward in fulfilling the government’s promise to alleviate water strain in Cayon and beyond.

As Minister Maynard aptly stated, this commissioning is just the beginning of a series of endeavors to enhance water services across the nation. With plans underway to bring an additional two million gallons of water to the Basseterre area and develop wells in other parts of the country, the government’s dedication to ensuring access to clean and safe water for all citizens remains steadfast.

The commissioning of the new well in Cayon stands as a testament to the power of unity, commitment, and effective governance in overcoming challenges and improving the lives of communities. As residents benefit from the provision of reliable water sources, this achievement serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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