Caribbean Sports Administration Icon Alphonso Bridgewater Leaves Legacy of Excellence and Inspiration

Basseterre, St.Kitts (April 10th, 2024):-Alphonso Bridgewater, a legendary figure in the Caribbean sports landscape, has left an indelible mark on the world of athletics through his unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions. The recent passing of this esteemed sports administrator has left a void in the hearts of many, but his legacy shines brightly as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. Bridgewater’s illustrious career was marked by numerous accomplishments, most notably his pivotal role as the President of the National Olympic Committee of St Kitts and Nevis. His leadership, characterized by humility, passion, and a deep commitment to the core values of sports, set him apart as a true ambassador of the sporting spirit. The honors bestowed upon Bridgewater, including the OBE and CSM, underscored his exceptional achievements and his profound impact on the global sports community. His influence extended far beyond the borders of St Kitts and Nevis, resonating throughout the wider Caribbean region and the Americas. The decision to rename the headquarters of the St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee in honor of Alphonso E. Bridgewater reflects the profound respect and admiration he commanded within the sporting fraternity. This historic tribute not only immortalizes his legacy but also serves as a testament to his enduring impact on sports development within the Federation. Alphonso Bridgewater’s journey may have come to an end, but his spirit lives on in the hearts of all those who were touched by his vision, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the Olympic movement. He will forever be remembered as a trailblazer, a mentor, and a beacon of excellence in the world of sports.

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