Scheme or Scheming? That is the TT $1.52 Billion Question

by PAM Cares

As a Noun the word ‘scheme’ refers to “a public housing complex”. As a Verb however, ‘scheme’ has an eerily sinister and disturbing definition: “To make plans, especially in a devious way or with intent to do something illegal or wrong”. According to several dictionaries it also means to conspire/connive/machinate/manoeuvre/plot, and words like ‘intrigue’ and ‘cabal’ automatically spring to mind when ‘scheme’ is used as a Verb.

This definition certainly applies to the recent revelation (or rather admission) by the Labour cabal, that a Trinidadian company has indeed been awarded a four-year contract to construct “affordable” houses in St. Kitts. Mired in secrecy and intrigue from inception this vampire project can’t seem to withstand the glare of public scrutiny. After the song dance of his first press release the Hon. Minister of Housing has now gone conspicuously absent and silent on this matter. Is he off on one of his usual escapades or busy concocting a fresh batch of hogwash stew for the public to consume? And the feeble attempts by the PM, the AG and the NHC Managing Director (Ag.) to distract and deflect combined with their dismissive, half-cooked responses only serve to further alienate, perplex and insult people’s intelligence. Given the vacuum of consistent, credible and reliable information from the get-go, one can smell conspiracy, bubbol and bamboozlement from a mile off. 

After each press conference Kittitians are left singing the refrain of the old Jimmy Cliff classic, “There are more questions than answers…And the more I find out/ The less I know”. There definitely is more in the mortar besides the pestle and we must continue to drill down, double down and demand the clear, unvarnished truth to which as citizens and tax payers we are entitled. 

Enquiring minds still have no answers to the following basic but critical questions:

(1) Is East Coast Construction just a bogus company; the product of some unscrupulous, calculating, depraved mind? No such company is registered in T&T or anywhere else for that matter (neither physical nor virtual) – No social media presence. No webpage. No reviews. No pictures. Google the name and you’ll find a BIG, FAT NOTHING!

(2) Who is the infamous Brian Singh and what is his claim to fame?

(3) What was the process for inviting bids and how many companies submitted bids for the contract?

For the latest spin on this sordid affair stay tuned for further episodes of the soap opera: LABOUR – CONTINUING THE LEGACY OF LIES AND LIP SERVICE. Not even one year in Government and it’s nothing but scandals, deception and scheming. Is this the Honesty, Transparency, Accountability and Stewardship that they promised? What a fiasco!!! # Get rid ah dem dere too.

# PAM Cares

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