Saint Christopher and Nevis Affirms Support for Moroccan Sovereignty Over Sahara

In a significant diplomatic development, Saint Christopher and Nevis has reiterated its steadfast support for Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces, notably the Sahara region. The Caribbean nation has expressed its endorsement of Morocco’s autonomy plan as the sole viable foundation for resolving the longstanding issue.The statement reaffirming Saint Christopher and Nevis’ position emerged following a series of discussions between Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, and his counterpart from Saint Christopher and Nevis, Minister Douglas. The diplomatic exchanges underscored the mutual commitment to strengthening bilateral ties and addressing regional challenges, including the Sahara question.The decision by Saint Christopher and Nevis to endorse Morocco’s territorial integrity and the autonomy plan reflects a recognition of the political, historical, and socio-economic complexities surrounding the Sahara region. By voicing support for Morocco’s approach, Saint Christopher and Nevis aligns itself with the growing international consensus recognizing the autonomy plan as a credible and pragmatic solution to the Sahara issue.Morocco’s autonomy plan, which offers the Sahara region a high degree of self-governance while maintaining Moroccan sovereignty, has garnered widespread praise for its inclusivity and feasibility. It represents a genuine effort to address the aspirations of the local population while ensuring the stability and territorial integrity of Morocco.Saint Christopher and Nevis’ stance adds to the chorus of voices from around the world endorsing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara and advocating for a political resolution based on dialogue, cooperation, and compromise. As a fellow member of the international community, Saint Christopher and Nevis’ support reinforces the legitimacy of Morocco’s position and contributes to efforts aimed at achieving a just and lasting solution to the Sahara conflict.The affirmation of solidarity between Morocco and Saint Christopher and Nevis highlights the importance of diplomacy, dialogue, and mutual respect in resolving complex geopolitical issues. It underscores the shared commitment to upholding the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and peaceful coexistence in the global arena.As the diplomatic discourse continues, the engagement between Morocco and Saint Christopher and Nevis serves as a testament to the power of dialogue and cooperation in advancing mutual interests and promoting regional stability. In reaffirming support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and the autonomy plan, Saint Christopher and Nevis reaffirms its commitment to peace, security, and prosperity in the Sahara region and beyond.

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