Prime Minister’s Son Steps Up: Terrance Drew Jr. Unveils Ambitious Back-to-School Drive, Providing Free Shoes to Needy Students!

Terrance Drew Jr., the son of the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, has launched a commendable back-to-school initiative aimed at helping thirty primary school students kick off the new academic year on the right foot. The initiative, named ‘Entering the New School Year on the Right Foot’, provides free pairs of shoes to each of the selected students. The gesture is driven by the belief that receiving new shoes will not only assist these students with their education but also boost their confidence and enthusiasm as they step into their schools. Terrance Drew Jr. expressed his excitement about the initiative, highlighting the importance of supporting primary school students and ensuring that they have equal opportunities for success. Both male and female students will receive an equal distribution of the shoes, with applications evaluated based on need and individual circumstances. The announcement encourages interested parents to apply before the deadline to ensure their children’s eligibility. While the initiative is indeed admirable, concerns have arisen about its funding source, leading to questions about whether taxpayers are supporting it through the Prime Minister’s Office. These concerns are being coupled with the broader socioeconomic issues resulting from PM Drews removal of some 3685 Eligible beneficiaries from the Team Unity administration initiated poverty alleviation programs and the subsequent creation of an “ultra-poor” class of people in St.Kitts and Nevis.

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