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Dr Redmond, a neurosurgeon, specializing in brain and spine surgeries, made it clear that he had tried to introduce MRI services under the Douglas Labour Administration because he wanted to give back to his country but he met a stumbling block in Marcella Liburd. At the PM Gala 2018, he resultantly commended the Harris leadership along with both Health Ministers Hon Hamilton and Hon Phipps for having given him that opportunity to give back to his country.

Dr Drew being a strong advocate of the MRI services at the Monkey Farm is a well kept secret. So with all of his “monkey talk” about primates, Dr Drew has proven to be one of the biggest patrons at the Monkey Farm in Bourryeau. He is therefore supporting the very establishment which he lambasts and is showing that the facility has to be of ultra quality as well as being ultra affordable. This blowing of “hot and cold air” by Dr Drew shows that he cannot be trusted because if he has all those issues of mistrust with respect to the facility, then he should not participate and he neither should have the confidence to refer his patients to such a potentially dangerous facility.

He also shouldn’t punish his patients by forcing them to accept the results from a facility whose reputation he’s impugning by giving the impression that the MRI facility’s risky and should not be used for human being. If so why is a he sending persons there? If it’s not fit for people then why is Dr Terrence Michael Drew sending people there?

It shows his hypocrisy how he’s just like Dr Douglas in that regard. He’s now experiencing the winter of his political campaign like his disgraced disloyal leader. He has made himself a clone of Dr Douglas and can no longer be considered a “springtime” candidate. He is now characterized by the politics of abuse, the nonsense talk and personal vendetta.

This is reflected in the fact that he is subordinating his medical practice for politics because he is making good use of the St. Kitts Biomedical MRI medical facility because he knows that nothing is wrong with it. But the Douglas inside of him is telling him to engage in unethical behavior. That is unethical behavior and conduct by an unethical medical practitioner engaging in scavenging politics!

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