PM Drew Outlines how $20 Million was paid out by Development Bank in support of PEACE Programme: A Crime-Fighting Success Story

In a recent interview , Prime Minister Drew attempted to shed light on the pay out of approximately $20 million from the development bank over a period of time likley to bolster the highly successful PEACE Programme. This initiative, hailed by many as a game-changer, was a key component of the Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris-led Team Unity government’s strategy to combat gang violence and homicides inherited from the previous administration.The PEACE Programme yielded remarkable results, witnessing a drastic reduction in violent and other crimes by over 50%. Its success resonated beyond borders, inspiring adoption in countries such as Barbados. The $20 million investment proved to be a prudent allocation, effectively curbing instances of crime and fostering a safer environment for citizens.However, since the change in administration in August, the PEACE Programme has been abruptly discontinued. Tragically, this decision has had severe consequences, with a staggering 21 murders recorded already this year. The sudden surge in crime underscores the critical role the programme played in maintaining public safety.As debates continue to swirl around the fate of the PEACE Programme, citizens grapple with the stark reality of rising crime rates. The $20 million investment, once seen as a beacon of hope, now stands as a poignant reminder of the need for thoughtful decision-making in matters of public safety and security.

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