Former Minister Jonel Powell Calls Out PM Terrance Drew: Keep My Name Out of MSR Media RICO Lawsuit!

Former Minister Jonel Powell has issued a stern warning to Prime Minister Terrance Drew, demanding that his name be kept out of the controversial MSR Media RICO lawsuit. Powell’s declaration comes amidst swirling allegations and speculation surrounding his involvement in the Galaxy prison project, a key focal point of the legal battle.In a scathing social media post, Powell vehemently denied any association with the cabinet approval of the prison project, which forms a crucial component of the legal dispute between Phillipe Martinez, MSR Media, and the government. Powell challenged PM Drew to provide clarity to the nation regarding the number of citizenship passport applications he signed off on related to the contentious project since assuming office in August 2022.”Someone needs to tell Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew to leave Jonel Powell out of the MSR and Galaxy prison project tra la la,” Powell asserted, drawing a clear line between himself and the unfolding legal drama. “Not one member of PAM-The People’s Action Movement has been implicated in this scandal, and that is why I IZZA PAM!”Powell’s remarks underscore the gravity of the situation, as the RICO case looms large with far-reaching implications for the nation. He urged Prime Minister Drew and his Cabinet to address the allegations head-on, rather than engaging in a blame game.”The RICO case is serious business and has far-reaching implications for our country,” Powell emphasized. “Prime Minister Drew and members of his Cabinet are directly implicated and are named as parties to at least two lawsuits. He ought to get his house in order rather than playing the blame game.”As tensions escalate and the legal battle intensifies, Powell’s unequivocal stance serves as a rallying cry for accountability and transparency in governance. The nation watches with bated breath as the saga unfolds, awaiting answers and resolution to the pressing questions that continue to cast a shadow over the political landscape.

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