Former Antigua and Barbuda PM Spencer Inspires as Powerful Speech Resonates at Massive People’s Labour Party Convention Gathering

On Saturday, June 15th, the TABA Recreation Grounds in Tabernacle hosted a significant event—the 11th annual convention of the People’s Labour Party (PLP). The keynote address was delivered by the former Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Winston Baldwin Spencer, whose stirring words left a profound impact on attendees.

Spencer, known for his eloquence and statesmanship, began his speech by acknowledging the established protocols and extending greetings from the United Progressive Party, which recently held its own convention in April. He emphasized the importance of such gatherings, not just as ceremonial events, but as crucial opportunities for political parties to reflect on their operations and the broader political landscape.

While Spencer refrained from delving into the specifics of national politics, he did not shy away from addressing pressing issues that resonate across the Caribbean. He pointed out the widespread dissatisfaction with essential services such as education, public health, and social services. He lamented the rising cost of living and the disconnect between wages and the real economic needs of the people.

Spencer’s critique extended to the behavior of government officials, whom he accused of acting with impunity and neglecting the needs of the populace. He underscored the importance of vocal opposition, stressing that civil society, including churches, trade unions, and media, must support political parties in holding governments accountable.

The former PM highlighted the challenges faced by opposition parties, noting the high expectations and limited resources they often contend with. He urged the PLP to remain steadfast and prepared, as the people’s loss of faith in the ruling administration presents an opportunity for change.

“Are you ready?” Spencer repeatedly asked, challenging the PLP to assess its readiness to govern and its internal health, from branches to units. He advocated for continuous preparation and engagement with the community, starting immediately after the convention, to build a robust and responsive party structure.

Spencer also spoke to the financial and moral responsibilities of party members, emphasizing regular dues payment and active participation in fundraising. He likened a political party to the early Christian church, advocating for mutual support, empathy, and integrity within the party.

In his candid remarks, Spencer called for members to embody the party’s values, avoid hypocrisy, and maintain high ethical standards. He warned against internal discord, underscoring that unity and trust are essential for political success.

Addressing the broader political climate, Spencer acknowledged the disillusionment among voters, particularly the youth, due to broken promises and self-serving politicians. He stressed the need for the PLP to restore trust, hope, and opportunity, ensuring that their actions align with their words.

Concluding his speech, Spencer encouraged the PLP to be diligent in their deliberations and to strive for a better future for St. Kitts and Nevis. He expressed confidence in the leadership of Timothy Harris and his colleagues, urging the party to work together towards victory.

Spencer’s address was met with enthusiastic applause, reflecting the resonance of his message with the audience. His speech not only inspired but also laid out a clear blueprint for the PLP to follow in their quest to better serve the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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