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PM Harris in Molineux. Clockwise are Cuthbert Sharry of Molineux (hand on board), Olson Johnson of Small Corner, Stephen Sharry of Molineux, and Walford Stevens of Small Corner.

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, October 7, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.)  — Sponsor of Constituency Number Seven Domino League and Area Parliamentary Representative, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, is saying the league has realised its original goal of uniting communities and has even spread its appeal across political boundaries.
According to the sponsor, the league is into its twenty-second year and this year it has the largest number of participating teams. Fourteen teams are taking part in the competition which started on August 10. Twelve of the teams are from Constituency Number Seven, while two are from the neighbouring Constituency Number Six.
“I want to thank all those who have provided leadership over the years to this league at the high level of commitment we have witnessed,” said Dr Harris, who is also the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. “It is the longest surviving domino league in the country and perhaps in the Caribbean, and for that I want to not only thank the founders because it meant they were unto something good when they asked me to become involved with this league.”
Dr Harris, the Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) one of the three parties in the ruling Team Unity Administration, made the remarks on Thursday evening October 5 after watching two of the games in the on-going league. He first visited the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion where Molineux was facing Small Corner Bar.

PM Harris in Saddlers. Clockwise are Sylvester Phipps of Saddlers, Valencia Alexander of Beers, Cleon Walters of Saddlers, and William Alcender of Beers.

The Prime Minister’s second stop was at the Shanty Bar in Saddlers, in Constituency Number Six, where the home team Saddlers was facing the visiting Beers from Lodge Village in Constituency Number Seven. Only two games were played on Thursday evening and as a result he was there until after 10:30 pm when the game ended with the home team claiming a 13-8 victory.
Interestingly Small Corner who have been using the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux as their temporary home following the destruction by Hurricane Irma of the shed they were using on Lemon Hill as their home base, also beat Molineux 13-8. Both teams are from Constituency Number Seven.
“Basically tonight we observed two very interesting games at Molineux and at Saddlers,” said Dr Harris. “Saddlers had the home advantage and they did very well, although there was excellent playing from both sides. For me it was a pleasure being here to observe the games, to see the sense of camaraderie that has developed over the years.”
The Prime Minister added: “Clearly you can see that across even the political boundaries and across the different villages, a high level of togetherness, a high level of respect among players has been cultivated over the last 22 years. We wanted to seize some of those things when we started the league.”
According to Dr Harris, the aim of starting the league was to get rid of some of the divisions where persons from one community would not go to another community because of infighting. The organisers of the domino league hoped that those things would basically disappear in time.
“Today we have witnessed, and we have seen a great synergy and a greater togetherness across the various communities in this league and for that again I am pleased,” concluded Dr Harris. “I think it has been a worthwhile effort and I am looking forward to the 25th anniversary of this league.”

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