Antigua CIP passport holder detained

By Antigua Observer


ANTIGUA OBSERVER – Questions are being asked, once again, about the level of due diligence of Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), as news of a Chinese woman and her daughter being held at the Grand Royal Antiguan Hotel surfaced.

The Chinese government sent a “Wanted” report through Interpol for the woman who holds an Antiguan and Barbudan Citizenship by Investment passport.

Well- placed sources told OBSERVER media the woman is wanted by the Chinese government for leaking confidential information.

Sources said a Chinese delegation arrived in Antigua this weekend to discuss the situation.

The woman and her daughter are apparently being held on the fourth floor of the hotel under heavy surveillance by police and Immigration officials.

It is understood while the two are able to leave the property a 24- hour detail accompanies both everywhere.


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  1. I would not trust the Chinese with a sack a nuts. These could be trumped up charges for all you know in a country with a dismal human rights record. But beggar nations like us will give her up in a New York minute for aid.

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