Dr. Harris Denounces Unjust Actions of the Drew Administration. Calls for An End to the Politicization of Allocated Lands

PLP Press ReleaseJune 3rd, 2024Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, the Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party and third Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, continues to champion the cause for the hundreds of citizens and residents who are still being denied lands that were properly allocated to them under the Team Unity administration.When it took office in 2022, the Drew-led government immediately engaged in the unlawful and inconceivable action of seizing and reassigning residential lands that were duly distributed to countless deserving nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis, including many ambitious young persons. “Hundreds of persons were fortunate to be allocated lands under the Team Unity administration. [The Labour government] came to office and put a hold on it for nigh two years,” Dr. Harris said. The Constituency 7 Representative shared the experience of one individual who witnessed firsthand the politically-motivated vindictiveness of the Drew government. Dr. Harris recalled that for weeks the individual got the ‘run-around’ from the political appointees in the Ministry of Sustainable Development. After finally granted a meeting, the individual was then asked a certain line of questions that were leading to his political affiliation. Based on his responses, the individual was denied.“They are doing a political cleansing and we have to stop this madness in our country,” Dr. Harris remarked. “Once you have your letter from Sustainable Development, you enter into a contract. They tell you to go and have the land surveyed and after you have made your payment, it is a binding contract.”He further urged the hundreds of persons affected by this unjust act to seek legal advice, noting that this is being done to frustrate the people who they deem as supporters of another political party. “They are deliberately and willfully frustrating you because they want to reassign your lands to other persons who they favour, and I am saying to the people that you have to find a lawyer willing to stand up for you,” Dr. Harris said, as he called on the people to “protest this madness and vagabondry in the Terence Drew dysfunctional government.”END

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