ZIZ Playing Politics. Faces Backlash for Boycott of Opposition Party Press Conferences and Events

ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation Faces Criticism for Political Bias in Coverage

Amidst growing concerns over media impartiality, the state-owned ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation finds itself under scrutiny for its perceived political agenda. Since August 2022, when the Drew administration assumed office, ZIZ, along with WINN FM, has notably avoided covering opposition party media events and press conferences, sparking accusations of bias and politicization.

Despite regular invitations, ZIZ has consistently refrained from sending reporters to PLP and PAM press conferences, raising questions about the broadcaster’s commitment to providing balanced coverage. This trend, coupled with WINN FM’s sporadic attendance at opposition events, has fueled speculation about underlying motives behind their editorial decisions.

The appointment of Saju Ngall as the new General Manager, alongside Chairman Javon Liburd and the revamped board of directors, has prompted further speculation about ZIZ’s direction. Some attribute the broadcaster’s behavior to directives from government headquarters and Prime Minister Drew, raising concerns about the erosion of media independence.

As a state-owned entity funded by taxpayers, ZIZ has a duty to uphold journalistic integrity and provide impartial coverage. The refusal to cover opposition events is not only a disservice to democracy but also a violation of citizens’ rights to freedom of speech and expression.

Critics argue that ZIZ’s actions amount to a regressive approach reminiscent of outdated political tactics from the 1970s and 80s. Calls for the broadcaster to embrace transparency and inclusivity in its coverage have intensified, emphasizing the need for a modernized approach to media governance.

In a democracy, the role of the media is paramount in fostering informed public discourse and holding those in power accountable. By disregarding opposition voices, ZIZ risks undermining the very foundations of democracy and perpetuating a climate of censorship and discrimination.

As pressure mounts on ZIZ to rectify its editorial stance, the broadcaster faces a critical juncture in its commitment to journalistic principles and the fundamental rights of citizens. Only by embracing impartiality and inclusivity can ZIZ fulfill its mandate as a public service broadcaster and safeguard the democratic values of the nation.

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