Tragic Blaze Claims Businesses, Leaves Over a Hundred Jobless in English Harbour Catastrophe

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, English Harbour has been struck by a catastrophic fire, reducing beloved establishments to ashes. Among the casualties are the iconic Yacht Club Maria, which housed the world-famous Alfa Nero yacht, along with Skull Duggery cafe, Cloggy’s, Dock Master Office, and Dockside Liquor. This devastating inferno has not only robbed the community of cherished landmarks but has also left over a hundred individuals unemployed.The heroic efforts of firefighters persist as they battle the blaze, demonstrating unwavering resolve in the face of tragedy. The impact of this calamity reverberates through the hearts of locals and the wider community. As the smoke clears, the resilience and unity of English Harbour will undoubtedly shine through, as the community rallies together to rebuild and emerge stronger than ever before.

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