The Tremendous Legacy of Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris’ unprecedented leadership is currently quite evident as St.Kitts and Nevis Tops World CBI Index and listed among Top Ten Richest Countries in the America’s

After some 7 years of prudent fiscal management, a rapidly developing tourism industry and a revived, revamped and re-energized CBI Programme all led by former Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris St.Kitts and Nevis can now boast its status as not only the richest country in the OECS but also among the Top Ten in the America’s as far as GDP. With a GDP of over $18,000 SKN is ranked #8 just ahead of 9th ranked Barbados .
In terms of quality of life of people, the United States is the richest country in the North American continent. However, taking the factor GDP per capita into consideration, Bermuda currently stands at the first rank among the richest American countries. In this article, we have complied and presented a list of 20 richest countries in America 2022-2023. Further, the article also discusses the economy of these countries in detail to provide you with a clearer picture.

The table below presents the list of 20 richest countries in America 2022 ranked according to their gross domestic product per capita (GDP per capita). The data has been collected by the World Bank in the previous year and it has been used as the criteria for ranking these countries in this year. The data for the current year will be calculated at the end of the year and will be used for listing richest countries in 2023. However, for some countries only the data for 2020 is available and we have taken that data into consideration for such countries.

Serial no. Countries GDP per capita
1 Bermuda 110,869.5
2 Cayman Islands 85,346.8 (2020)
3 United States 69,287.5
4 Greenland 54,570.4 (2020)
5 Canada 52,051.4
6 Puerto Rico 31,429.9 (2020)
7 The Bahamas 28,239.4
8 St. Kitts and Nevis 18,230.1
9 Barbados 17,033.9
10 Curacao 16,109.9 (2020)
11 Trinidad and Tobago 15,243.1
12 Antigua and Barbuda 14,900.8
13 Panama 14,516.5
14 Costa Rica 12,508.6
15 Mexico 9,926.4
16 St. Lucia 9,571.0
17 Cuba 9,477.9 (2020)
18 Dominican Republic 8,603.8
19 St. Vincent and the Grenadines 7,996.6
20 Dominica 7,560.0

St Kitts and Nevis was rated against 12 other countries with operational CBI programmes, which, in 2022, include Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, Grenada, Jordan, Malta, Montenegro, St Lucia, Turkey and Vanuatu.

St.Kitts and Nevis under the leadership of Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris has also once again topped the World’s CBI Index as published by PWM Magazine, a publication from the Financial Times

The primary methodological objective of the CBI Index is to isolate pillars that measure CBI programme features and jurisdictional desirability. The nine pillars that constitute this year’s CBI Index include: Freedom of Movement, Standard of Living, Minimum Investment Outlay, Mandatory Travel or Residence, Citizenship Timeline, Ease of Processing, Due Diligence, Family and, Certainty of Product.

St.Kitts and Nevis received full marks – 10 out of 10 in the Mandatory Travel or Residence, Citizenship Timeline, Ease of Processing, Due Diligence, Family and Certainty of Product pillars.
The Top ranking is a far cry from 2014 under the the Dr. Denzil Douglas led administrtaion when the USA and Canada both took unprecedented steps which essentially blackballed the SKN CBI Programme by withdrawing long held Visa waivers of SKN Citizens to Canada and the issuance of a damning Fincen Advisory by the US State Department which stated that the due dilligience and amamageemnt of the programme was poor . Dr. Harris and his Team Unity Government took very specific steps to revive the programme and its reputation to the point where it became known as the Platinum standard and eventually reaching the pinnacle of CBI programmmes worldwide with its #1 ranking on the CBI Index.
The Leadership of Dr. Harris enabled SKN to also weather the COVID-19 storm better than any other small island country in the world. International organizations such as PAHO recognized Dr. Harris leadership and St.Kitts-Nevis’ management of the pandemic. As a result of prudent fiscal management the country and government was able to remain economically and relatively strong supported by a massive $120 million stimulus package which assisted thousands of persons who were out of work due to the pandemic. Despite those challenges SKN remained the strongest economy in the OECS . And as shown by World Bank global statistics is among the Top Ten Richest Countries in the America’s.

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