Stachio Williams to offer fresh vision for Constituency number 5!

PLP candidate Stachio Williams will outline his vision for a secure future for constituency #5 at the opening of his vision centre on Tuesday night.
The event, starting at 7pm at Mount Idle in Sandy Point, will see entertainment from local artists and speakers alongside addresses by both Stachio Williams and Prime Minister Timothy Harris.

Speaking in advance of the event Stachio said, “The people of Sandy Point, Fig Tree and La Vallee deserve better local representation. So I’m excited to share with them my vision for how we will regenerate Sandy Point as an economic hub, boost agriculture and fisheries to create jobs and protecting people from poverty.”
Stachio grew up in Sandy Point and Tuesday’s event will see him champion his hometown.
Stachio added, “I know people will be coming out in force to join what is a celebration of all that is great about Sandy Point, Fig Tree and La Vallee – with local artists performing and free food and drink on offer. So I encourage all local people to come along, have fun, and hear exciting plans for how we grow our economy, create more jobs and protect the people.”
The vision centre will be open daily, 9am to 9pm and will provide local people the opportunity to find out more about Stachio’s plans to deliver a secure future.

PLP Campaign Spokesman,
Delonte Lewis

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