ST.KITTS: Prime Minister Harris “VYBZ” with some of the Nation’s Youth

Dr. Harris with the Y.O.U Youth of Unity
Dr. Harris with the Y.O.U Youth of Unity

Dr. Harris with the Y.O.U Youth of Unity

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris had an excellent time “vybing” with some of the nation’s youth at a special discussion staged by the Youth Of Unity (YOU) in an energizing and refreshing meeting held on Wednesday evening.

Dr Harris came and made an informal but inspirational presentation to the youth of unity. The dynamic Leader spoke to the youth on the importance of youth involvement in the process of nation building and development. The Team UNITY Administration Leader indicated that the government is committed to supporting the youth in various endeavors such as arts, and music and will take steps to create the environment necessary for talented young people to thrive.
Dr. Harris informed the youths on the transition process and how the government has been able to overcome many challenges thus far and has delivered on some of its biggest commitments in a very short time.
Prime Minister Harris accommodated a Question and Answer session where he listened to the ideas and suggestions of the youth and responded to all of their questions and concerns. The meeting ended with the Dr. Harris pledging to continue discussions with the youth on an ongoing basis and keeping the channels of communication open and free

“These bright sparks represent the future of our nation and Team Unity recognizes the importance of discussing their ideas, questions and aspirations. We are committed to supporting our youth and our policies will reflect this,” said Dr. Harris while commenting on the discussion.

Dr. Harris also made the point during the discussion that it was UNITY that brought about this change. He emphasized the fact that it was multiple parties working together that brought about the change we deserved.
“PAM, PLP, CCM did not bring this change individually. They brought it together and this happened because the people wanted it. Poll after Poll showed that the country wanted change. The polls had showed that 70% of people were tired of the tribal politics and divisiveness,” Dr Harris said.

Dr. Harris encouraged the youth to support the new paradigm and to keep the youth of our nation vibrant in support of unity so that the cause of unity and togetherness succeeds and surmounts the negativity and those rooting for its failure.

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