Collins Blame Unavailability of Proper Food for Performance in Rio

Kim Collins in the middle of the pack in the Semifinal heat behind Bolt and Degrasse



RIO DE JANEIRO. Legendary sprinter Kim Collins was eliminated in the semifinals of the 100 meters on Sunday  night at the Rio Olympics 2016.

The World Sprint Icon has indicated that the Rio Championships were very likely his last International Championship.

“Yes, this was certainly my last championship as an individual sprinter,”  says the 40-year-old legend.

Collins was an Olympic Finalist in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and then  took the Bronze Medal in the 200 meters in the 2001 World Championships. He followed that in 2002 with the Commonwealth Championship and then in 2003 with the World Championship. Now some 20 years after his Olympic Games Debut in 1996 Collins remains among the worlds Elite Athletes.

To say Kim Collins is unique is an understatement. He has been ranked among the worlds best sprinters in two different generations. From the era of Maurice Greene and Ato Bolden 15-20 years ago  to the current Era of Bolt.

But now Collins is indicating that his  long historic and illustrious career will soon and finally be  over.

gettyimages-516430790_CHJr1aEThe 40-year-old , after he was eliminated in the semifinals of the 100 meters shook his head in disapproval and was  clearly unhappy with the result which saw him running a 10.13 seconds far from his season’s best 9.93 secs.

“I wanted to come here and run 9.93 or better,”  says Collins.

Collins blame issues with the food available at the Athletics Village for contributing to what he sees as a less than satisfying performance.

“It’s been difficult,” Collins says . “ I’ve had trouble inside the Olympic village. I’ve tried to get hold of good food, but it has not been possible to solve.”

Collins when asked if the food was worse than usual he sharply responded ,

“Yes, normally we have a Caribbean area and an Asian corner but this year there was none and  and I’m very disappointed in it. I’m very careful with the food I eat and the unavailability of certain foods affected me very much. I did not have the same strength as I normally do for meets,” declared Collins .

Speaking on his future in athletics Collins sadly stated that the Rio Olympics  was his last major championship as an individual sprinter.

“I will not be at the World Cup in London next year. Thus, the only way that I would even consider it is if we have a relay team that needs me,”  says Collins

“It’s time for the younger ones to take over. This old man can not stand anymore,” said Collins

The best memory in your career?

“ There are so many. But to beat my personal best (9.93) at 40-years -old is probably the stand out. It felt very special.


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