East Basseterre Free Legal Aid Clinic Launched


(ZIZ News) — On Saturday September 26th, Residents of East Basseterre took advantage of the first Free Legal Aid Clinic at the Newtown Community Centre.

The Legal Aid Clinic is promised to be an ongoing initiative of Attorney Talibah Byron and Parliamentary Representative for that area, the Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd.


Minister Ian “Patches” Liburd

Byron said the clinics are designed to give residents of low-income households an opportunity to meet one-on-one with competent civic-minded Attorneys and obtain legal advice on a range of matters.

“We’ve had people come in to ask about land matters, employment matters. I think someone had a matrimonial issue that they came about already so far, so it’s quite broad. Like I said, we’re not turning anyone back at all. Any issue that you have, any legal problem that you have you can come, we will see you; we have seen people from Newtown and outside the area,” she said.

She said the clinics are not just available to residents of the East Basseterre community.

“Even though it is based in Newtown, it’s not confined to only people from Newtown or only people from East Basseterre. We saw people today from all over St. Kitts and it is open to everyone in the community. It’s all about giving back to the community really,” she said.


Attorney Talibah V Byron

Whilst free legal assistance is a fantastic resource, an issue may escalate beyond what such a service can provide. In these instances, it is best to speak to lawyers in Somerville, NJ, or indeed where the individual is based so that they can better understand their options and legal rights. In the meantime, services like this allow people who would normally avoid such options a means to educate themselves.

Meanwhile, Minister Liburd thanked the Attorneys for using their free time to assist members of the community.

“Thanks to people like Talibah Byron, Natasha Grey. We had another counsel here and Shelly Isles all from the East Basseterre and we also had Denise Alleyne who’s from number eight. And you would realise they are all of the fairer sex; they are all women. And because of them, they have come here to offer free legal advice; people can come here with any problems they have and in need of legal advice and they get it without cost to them and that is a commitment to serving the people,” he said.

The Legal Aid Clinic will be opened for service on the last Saturday of each month at the Newtown Community Centre from 10am to 2pm.

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