St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Commends OECS Achievement During Recent Visit to Commission

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris with OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules

Prime Minister Harris Addresses Commission Staff

Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris met with the staff at the OECS Commission including Director-General Director General Dr. Didacus Jules in St.Lucia.

Dr Jules introduced the recently elected Dr. Harris to the Commission staff and the local St.Lucian media who were present covering the visit of Dr. Harris.

Prime Minister  Harris addressed the staff and outlined his vision not only for St.Kitts-Nevis within an OECS Integrated framework but also his ideal vision of the Commission and it’s role in regional integration and development. He also  commended the achievements of the OECS

PM Harris Addresses Commission Staff

PM Harris Addresses Commission Staff

Prime Minister Harris recalled the achievements of the OECS such as pharmaceutical procurement, a single currency, a civil aviation authority and functional cooperation in areas such as education , tourism, international diplomacy and agriculture: “We believe that we have to come together; find out what it is we are attempting to do to these particular programmes and how can we set up a regime that is going to be beneficial to all of us because at the  end of the day we have found that we are going to achieve more through cooperation rather than insidious competition. We have been forced for example in relation to say tourism to recognise that a number of initiatives we basically have to come together were common policy whether it is respect to cruise or airlines etc ect. We have to be coordinating even while we are competing maybe on sand and sea and all these other things. We establish what we are going to compete on and establish equally what it is we are going to coordinate on for mutual benefit. Unless we do that ultimately we are going to be working against each other in ways that benefit others and leave us at the end of the day no better for having participated in that.”PMHARRISATOCOMSTAFFMET (46)

Prime Minister Harris says there is ample evidence that through collaboration there is tremendous benefit for the individual citizens of OECS Member States: “ I think that we are all shaping up at least intellectually to see the benefit of attempting the regional approach and to pool resources for greater good”

Prime Minister Harris who also participated in Tuesday’s 2nd OECS Economic Affairs Council meeting Saint Lucia spoke on the need to further motivate young persons by continuously applying ways of unlocking their potential and promoting their ingenuity. Dr Harris

The OECS Commission is the principal Organ responsible for the general administration of the Organisation. The OECS Commission comprises of the Director-General, who is responsible for the day to day administration of the Organisation, and will convene and preside at meetings of the OECS Commission.  The Commission will also include one Commissioner of Ambassadorial rank named by each Member State. This Commissioner will represent the OECS Commission in the Member State.

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