St Kitts Postal Zones and Delivery Districts

Postal Zone 01 [General Post Office]

General Post Office [Basseterre] Delivery Districts 01-11

Postal Zones [02-06]

Old Road P.O [02] / SandyPoint P.O [03] / Dieppe Bay P.O [04]

Tabernacle P.O [05] / Cayon P.O [06]

Delivery District 01

Post Code KN0101

St Johnson Village, La Guerite, Cayon Street [West] from CFBC, Lockhart Street Development, Russel Village, Haynesmith Village, Trafalgar Village, Fortlands, Wigley Avenue, Cardin Avenue, Buckleys Site, Boone, Millionaire Street

Delivery District 02

Post Code KN0102

Central Street [West], Upper Durant Avenue, Upper Malone Avenue, Upper Fiennes Avenue, Central Fiennes Avenue, Upper Thibou Avenue, Central Thibou Avenue, Upper Shaw Avenue, Lower Shaw Avenue, Lower Cunningham Street, Thompson Street, Bourden Street, Cayon Street [West], Greenlands, Shadwell Housing, Shadwell Estate, St Peters Place, Shadwell Gardens

Delivery District 03

Post Code KN0103

Irish Town Bay Road, Gardens Housing, Lower Durant Avenue, Lower Malone Avenue, Lower Thibou Avenue, Lower Fiennes Avenue, Connell Street, Fort Thomas Road, Salt Pond Alley, Prickley Pear Alley, Dorset Village, Soho Village, Sprott Street, Upper Westbourne Ghaut, Lower Westbourne Ghaut, Marshall Alley, Wades Garden, College Housing, Douglas Commercial [Gillard Complex]

Delivery District 04

Post Code KN0104

Port Zante, Bay Road, Market Street, West Independence Square Street, Shearlane, Delisle Garden, College Street, Nevis Street, Seaton Street, Victoria Road, Lozack Road [Victoria Rd – Hart Street],

Cayon Street [Market Street > Bakers Corner], Central Street [Market Street > West Square St], Liverpool Row [Market Street > Circus], Bank Street, Princes Street, Fort Street, Church Street, New Street, Temple Alley, Blue Bell Alley, Rosemary Lane, West Square Street, North Square Street, Taylors Range [West], Shadwell Housing Site, Freemans Village

Delivery District 05

Post Code KN0105

Pond Road, Manchester Street, West Street, Branch Street, John Street, Neverson Street West, James Street, Neverson Street East, Sebastian Street, East Street, Wellington Road, King Street, New Pond Site, Park Range, Rose Lane, Nightingale Street, Edward lane, Lewis Lane, Freedom Street, Johnson Street, Ponds Extension, Taylors Range [East]

Delivery District 06

Post Code KN0106

Newtown, Adlam Street, South Square Street, East Square Street, Sands Complex, Newtown Bay Road, Brombill Street, Douglas Street, Stainford Street, Laura Manners Lane, Agatha Johnson Lane, Agatha Gonsalves Lane, George Street, Carty Alley, Sheppard Street, Caunt Street, Roxborough Street, Mad House Alley, Pitcain Street, Sandown Road, Chigger Hill, Herbert Street, Ponds Pasture, Taylors Housing Project, Industrial Site, Taylors Village, Upper & Lower Taylors Housing Project, Taylors Housing Development

Delivery District 07

Post Code KN0107

New Road, New Road Housing Project [Phase 1], New Road Housing Project [Phase 2], New Road Development, Carifesta Village, Caricom Village, Douglas Estate, Clico Housing, Gillard Housing Project, Gillard Meadows

Delivery District 08

Post Code KN0108

Lime Kiln Project, Lime Kiln Extension, Cecelia Drive,Camps Estate, Camps Commercial Development, Ocean Lawn, Ocean Garden, Bay View, Humming Bird Drive, Buckleys Estate, Buckleys Park, Buckleys Site, Walwyn Avenue [West]

Delivery District 09

Post Code KN0109

Bayfords, Ogees’ Village, Stapleton Village, Stapleton Estate, Stapleton Extension [Phase 1 & 2], Parray Village, Parray Housing Extension, Lower Monkey Hill, Upper Monkey Hill, John England Village, Douglas Commercial & Residential Development, Embassy Shores, White House Gardens, Cedar Grove, Milliken Estate, Fountain, Gundo Field Housing Project, Parrays Housing Project

Delivery District 10

Post Code KN0110

Conaree Village, Conaree Beach Housing, Poland, Conaree Housing Extension, Half Moon Heights, TDC Housing Development, Conaree Flats, Buchanan Road, Paradise Road

Delivery District 11

Post Code KN0111

Ponds Estate, Kittstodarts, Needsmust, Bladens Housing Development, Canada Estate, Keys Village, Keys Housing Extension, Keys Main Road, Keys Housing Extension [West], Keys Housing Extension [South}

Old Road Post Office[02]

Post Code KN0201

Old Road [Station Street [West], Wingfield Road, Green Tree Housing Project, Verchilds Heights, Verchilds Extension, Middle Island, Lamberts, Conyers, Godwin Ghaut, Half way Tree [Harry Phipps Project, Green Acres Housing Project Half Way Tree, Con Phipps Project], New Guinea

Old Road Post Office [02]

Post Code KN0202

Old Road [Station Street [East], Wingfield Road Heights, Frankland Road, Hermitage Road, Challengers Village, Stone Fort, Palmetto Point, West Farm, Boyds

West Farm: East West Farm Housing Development, Old Mill Road, New Haven, Abbott Housing Project, West Farm Housing Project, Garveys Westland Gardens, Estate Yard, Abbotts Housing Development Extension, West Farm Housing Development [Opposite Ross University]

Boyds: Boyds Development, Boyds Housing Project, Boyds View Housing, Boyds Extension, Garvey Westland Project/Extension

Sandy Point Post Office [03]

Post Code KN0301

Soho Village, Mt. Idle [East], Main Street [East], Cart Path, High School Drive [East], Tree Top Housing Project, Lower Bourkes, Upper Boukes, Boukes Extension, Bourkes Road, Gaton Path, Southwell Lane, Jumbie Lane, Stadium View, View Point, Romneys Ground, Cleverley Hill, The Alley, Brimstone Hill, Roland Hill

Post Code KN0302

Main Street, Mt Idle [West], High School Drive [West}, Station Street, Backway Street, Downing Street, Manchester Street, Millard Street, Pedro Street, Pump Bay Road, The Ghaut, Fahie Street, Crab Hill, Panya Ground, Bouncing Hill, Pump Bay Height, Fig Tree, Fig Tree Housing Project, Soho, Farms Site, Farms Road, Sir Gilles, Crab Hill, Lavalle Heights Development, High Point Fig Tree

Dieppe Bay Post Office [04]

Post Code KN0401

St Pauls Village

Station Street, Main Street, Grove Village, Rawlins Ground, Charles Ground, Willets Estate, Willets Gardens, Willets Village, Willets Housing Project, Amsterdam, Carse Avenue, Bradshaw’s Avenue, Leaders’ Avenue, Back Street, Rawlins Housing Extension, Douglas’ Avenue, Lovers Lane, Davis Road, Blake Avenue, Back Alley, Church Ghaut, Belmont Estate, Rawlins Plantation, White Gate Development, Kittitian Hill

Post Code KN0402

Parsons [Upper Project, Lower Project, Parsons Housing Extension], Pogson Village, Saddlers [Upper Project, Lower Project], Lynchs [Lynchs Extension], Harris’ Village, Lavington Village, Bellevue Village

Post Code KN0403

Dieppe Bay

Main Street, Station Street, Gibbons Hill, Chapel Street, Back Street, Dieppe Bay Housing Project, Golden Lemon Hotel, Beaumont Park

Newton Ground

Main Street, The Ghaut, Bradshaw’s Alley, Breeze Park Alley, Race Course Housing Project, Race Course Housing Extension

Tabernacle Post Office [05]

Post Code KN0501


Main Street, Cartys Pasture, Stone Castle, Stone Castle Housing Project, George Piece, George Piece Housing Project, Mission Street, Station Street, Upper Johnson Road, Lower Johnson Road, Timber lane, Brambles Crescent, Tabernacle Housing Project, Chapel Street, Nico’s Drive, Mc Lawrence Street, James Street, Shelford Street


Front Street, Harris Street, Bay Hill, Long Alley, Back Street, Stevens Alley, Mansion Housing Project, Estridge Housing Project


Main Street, Christ Church Housing Project

Cayon Post Office [06]

Post Code KN0601

Molineaux Village, Molineaux Project, Phillips Village, Phillips Road [Drive] Upper Bourryeau Village, Bourryeau Gate, Bourryeau Extension, Lodge Village, Lime Kiln Alley, Park View Housing Development, Hidden Valley, Lemon Hill, Lodge Project, Lodge Project Extension, Lodge Estate, Tamarind Tree Housing Project, Lodge Slope, Walwyn Street, Smith Street, Ible Avenue, Newton Grove

Post Code KN0602


Cunningham Village, Cunningham Heights, Cunningham Extension, Spooners Village, Spooners Road, Spooners Extension, Hermitage Village, Hermitage Extension, Hogland, Texas Village, Cayon Project, Hamiltom Street, Wade Street, Warner Street, Yearwood Street, Osborne Street, Morris Lane, Lower Cayon, Bryan Alley, Station Alley Market Alley, Brighton Alley, Waterworks, Dunns Cottage, Upper Cayon, St Marys Terrace, Cabbage Tree Housing Development [Phase 1&2], Cabbage Tree Industrial Site, Brighton Estate

Ottleys Village

Ottleys Village, Ottleys Extension [Phase 1], Ottleys Extension [Phase 2], Little Italy, Lion Hill

Post Code KN7000

Bird Rock Housing Development, Potato Bay Housing Development, Frigate Bay, South East Peninsula Development, Mattingly Heights, Half Moon Bay Housing Development


Postal Zones [St Paul – St Thomas] 08 – 12

St Paul [08] / St John [09] / St George [10] / St James [11] / St Thomas [12]

St Paul [Delivery District [ 01]

Post Code KN0801

Craddock Road South, Lower Government Road, Ramsbury Housing Estate, Ramsbury, Marion Avenue, Chapel Alley, Alexander Hamilton House

St Paul [Delivery District [ 02]

Post Code KN0802

Stoney Grove Housing Development, Bath Road, Bath Village, Cedar Trees, Prince Williams Street, Braziers Crest, Bath Plain Estate, Farms Estate, Fort Charles, Lower Stoney Grove, Pump Road, Upper Main Street Charlestown, Upper Government Road, Grove Park, Hamilton Estate

St John [Delvery District [ 01]

Post Code KN0901

Beach Road, Braziers Estate, Brown Pasture, Burden Pasture, Cane Garden Estate, Church Ground, Fig Tree, Hermitage, Marion Heights, Morning Star Estate, Morning Star Housing Estate, North Shore Housing Estate, North Wales Estate,

Pond Hill, Victoria Road, Nanton Corner, Upper Hamilton, Sturge Hill, Zetlands Estate, Dunbar Estate, Baileys Yard, Beaumont, Cole Hill, Cox, Coxheath Estate, Montpelier Estate, Prentice Estate

St John [Delivery District [ 02]

Post Code KN0902

Budgeon Estate, Farms Estate, Long Point, Long Point Estate, Low Ground Estate, Malcolm Hill Estate Housing, Morden Estate, Pembroke Estate, Prospect Estate, Prospect Industrial Estate, Prospect Industrial Site, Cherry Gardens, Bridge Ghaut, Brown Hill, Brown Estate

St George [Delivery District [ 01]

Post Code KN1001

Clay Ghaut Estate, Crook’s Ground, Hanleys Estate, Holmes Hill, Horatio Heights, Indian Castle Estate, Market Shop, Maynards Ground, Middle Works Estate,

Old Manor Estate, Rices, Rose Hill, Saddle Hill, Sheriffs, Simmonds Estate, Taylors Pasture, Cedar Hill, Main Road Gingerland, Matchmans

Church Road, Upper, Bachelor Hall Estate, Bucks Hill, Chicken Stone

St George [Delivery District [ 02]

Post Code KN1002

Business Ghaut, Dasents Estate, Fenton Hill, Fothergills Estate, Golden Rock Estate, Hard Times Estate, Harris’s, Hickmans, Hull Ground, Liburds Estate, New River, New River Ghaut, Old Manor Estate, Rawlins, Stoney Hill, Vervain Estate, Webbs Ground, Webbs Estate, Zetlands, Zion

St James [Delivery District [ 01]

Post Code KN1101

Butlers Estate, Eden Brown Bay, Eden Brown Central, Eden Brown Estate, Hicks, Hicks Cove, Maddens Estate, Mannings, Potwork Estate, Potwork Settlements, Powells Estate, Scarborough, White Hall, Bricklyn, Barnaby, Butlers, Butlers Estate, New River Estate, Longhaul Bay Estate

St James [Delivery District [ 02]

Post Code KN1102

Shaws Estate, Beachlands Estate, Camps, Camps Estate, Coconut Walk Estate, Fountain, Garners Estate, Hog Valley Estate, Mount Lily, Mount Lily Estate, Mount Pleasant Estate, New Castle, Vance Amory Airport, Old Windward Estate, Rawlins Pasture, Round Hill, Round Hill Estate, Seaview Housing Development, Seahaven Estate, Rawlins Housing Project, Scarborough

St Thomas [Delivery District [ 01]

Post Code KN1201

Craddock Road North, Low Street, Pinneys Beach, Pinneys Estate, Pinneys Industrial Estate, Old Hospital Road, Lower Main Street, Nugent Heights, Nugent Village, Cades Bay, Cades Bay Pier [Sea Bridge], Cades Cresent, Cades Estate, Cades Point, Clarks Estate, Cotton Ground, Fort Ashby, Jones Bay, Jones Bridge, Jones Estate, Jones River, Lawrence Estate, Nelson Spring, Spring Hill Heights, Stuarts, Stuarts Estate, Tower Hill, Tower Hill Estate, Westbury, Fern Hill

St Thomas [Delivery District [ 02]

Post Code KN1202

Barnes Ghaut, Belmont Estate, Clifton Estate, Jessups Estate, Jessups Village, Paradise Estate, Vaughans, Colquohouns Housing Project


  1. Stoney Grove is a large community. It is spread across the parishes of St. John’s and St. Paul’s. It has been omitted from St. John’s above. Please add it. Thank you!

  2. Hello Old Manor Estate appears as Kn1001 and also KN1002, which one is correct.

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