St.Kitts-Nevis Embassy Hosts Meeting With Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister Richards and Minister of Foreign Affairs Brantley in Taiwan


Member Olanzvier Williams presenting profile to Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards.

The Association of St.Kitts-Nevis Nationals in Taiwan along with the Embassy of St.Kitts-Nevis on Taiwan on Friday evening hosted Deputy Prime Minister Hon.Shawn K Richards and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mark Brantley in a Townhall Styled Cocktail meeting .
The Nationals who mostly students got the opportunity to meet and dialogue with the Deputy Prime Minster and Minster of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mark Brantley who are presently visiting Taiwan as part of that country’s 104th National Day Celebrations. .
The Association was introduced to the Ministers and their profile along with a token was presented to them.
Deputy Prime Minister Richards and Foreign Affairs Minister Brantley are among some 314 dignataries from around the world who have been specially invited by the President of Taiwan to participate in their 104th National Day Celebrations.

Diandre Ottley presenting  association's profile to Hon. Mark Brantley.

Diandre Ottley presenting association’s profile to Hon. Mark Brantley.

The dignataries have come mainly from the countries with the Republic of China on Taiwan has diplomatic relations. Some of the dignataries included the Solomon Islands Frank Gabui Governor and his wife, Honduras Ricardo Antonio Alvarez Arias (Ricardo Antonio Alvarez Arias) Vice President and his wife, Paraguay Juan afara and (Juan Eudes Afara Maciel) Vice President and his Wife, Swaziland Paul Dlamini (Paul Dlamini) Deputy Prime Minister and his wife.
In addition, the US Republican National Committee also sent a delegation consisting of 11 people, including Rhinestone-Puribasu chairman, Madeleine Borudaro (Madeleine Bordallo) House of Representatives lawmakers Hotai. From Europe, the United Kingdom, HughHenry MSP of the Scottish Parliament, also Rhoda Grant MSP, took part in the celebrations and related events.

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