Venezuelan President defends country

President Maduro Nicolas - Venezuela

President Maduro calls for global awareness on the right to peace, independence and democracy in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Her Excellency Leiff  Escalona, addressed matters relating to the current situation in Venezuela via a press conference on Friday.

Ambassador Escalona said that President Nicolas Maduro has denounced international aggression against Venezuela.

“He stated that Venezuela is facing an attack via world media that seek to establish a false picture of uncontrollable social and economic decline in the country, leading to cause for a political militia intervention. He stressed that the media campaign against Venezuela is designed to generate an impression of chaos and violence, leading to intervention by the United States government.”

Her Excellency also said that President Maduro has called for strengthened solidarity among sister nations in dealing with this issue.

“The Head of State stressed that the homeland of Bolivia will continue to defend it sovereignty and the principle of no interference in their internal affairs. Finally, President Maduro says we need to launch a political and diplomatic counter-offensive and the mobilization of global awareness in defense of the right to peace, independence and democracy in Venezuela.”

It is hoped that media attacks against Venezuela will be curbed.

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