Chief of Staff, Dr Cameron Wilkinson and Dr Dwayne ARCHIBALD



Basseterre, St.Kitts (June 27th 2016):- Oversight for The Regenerative Medicine Project at the JN France General Hospital is being being provided  by JNF Medical Chief of Staff Dr. Cameron Wilkinson , Dr. Dwayne Archibald and Director of Institutional-based Nursing Services, Matron Sonia Daley-Findlay.

In a Statement Issued on Thursday Minister of State in the Ministry of Health Hon. Wendy Phipps stated The Regenerative Medicine  project occupies three (3) rooms at the Private Ward of the JNF Hospital, with the therapies administered by two Government-paid staff nurses with pro bono, voluntary oversight by Dr Dwayne Archibald, a Government-paid medical practitioner at JNF. Additional oversight of the project is also being provided by the JNF Hospital’s Medical Chief of Staff, Dr Cameron Wilkinson; and the Director of Institutional-based Nursing Services, Matron Sonia Daley-Findlay.

Minister Phipps also addressed the assertion made by CMO Dr. Patrick Martin that a Brazilian Doctor was operating without the proper license.

CMO Dr. Martin said “I met a doctor, a Brazilian doctor who had a stereoscope around her neck and who had gloves on and I told her she is not registered or licensed under the Medical Act , she should cease, desist and leave the premises,” said the veteran CMO.

Minister Phipps however stated that the Brazilian Doctor was simply an observer to the project and was never involved in any medicinal practice .

Minister Phipps stated “A Brazilian expert, Dr Silvia Lagrotta, who is attached to the project DOES NOT AND HAS NOT EVER administered any therapies to ANY patients in St. Kitts and Nevis. Her presence thus far has been strictly limited to observing the process as a representative of the investor group’s Brazilian partner. In anticipation that Dr Lagrotta will be professionally engaged during the life of this project, her medical credentials have been submitted in the  normal course for approval to function within the Federation as a medical practitioner consistent with the laws and regulations of the Federation.”

The Regenerative Medicine Project was initially approved by the Former Dr. Denzil Douglas led Administration. The Dr Douglas led regime committed some $800,000 to the project in 2013.

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