Shark Sightings in Nevis waters. 10 Foot Bull Shark Caught . Advisory Issued

Charlestown, Nevis (February 10th 2016):- Sharks have been detected in the waters of St.Kitts-Nevis off the Nevis shores and as a result, an advisory from the Department of Fisheries on Nevis has been issued.

The notice advised that everyone (including visitors) should take all precautions when using the island’s beaches. It can be quite a jarring experience coming face to face with a shark, that is why it is important for everyone to take the necessary preventative measures to ensure that they are keeping safe on the beeches. People may have questions like – “are sharks attracted to yellow?”, “Can they attack me on the beach?”, for example, so they can be prepared in any eventuality. This is where visiting websites like as well as other information-based websites can come in useful as this develops.


Over the last two weeks, a number of sharks have been sighted in the afternoons and early mornings near the island’s beaches including Paradise Beach. The notice advised all residents to be particularly vigilant during the times indicated.

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Sharks are known to have sensitive noses to pick up the scent of blood, even if an individual is not bruised and goes directly towards its’ prey.

At this time of the year, the presence of sharks in the tropics is an annual phenomenon during the winter months, from other territories.

The advisory concluded with an appeal to Parents and guardians to keep a close watch on their child/children, when travelling to the beaches.



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The Remains of a Brian Mills was found in the stomach of this Bull Shark caught off the Coast of Nevis in 2009

A 10 feet Bull Shark was caught 150 feet from shore at New Castle in Nevis. While another was sighted close to shore at Paradise Beach . The 10 FEET Bull Shark was caught by Partime Fisher and Police Clayton Magloire. In 2009 remains of a Brian Mills was found in the stomach of a 10 foot Bull Shark


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  1. I will be going to Nevis for two months, February and March. Are there many sharks at that time of the year? If so, what kind? I have been on Paradise Beach many times.

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