“Revolutionary Move: St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Takes Bold Step in Menstrual Equity!”

In a groundbreaking decision, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre and the Cabinet of Ministers in St. Lucia have given the nod to a proposal that places female sanitary products, including menstrual pads and tampons, under price control. Approved in October, this move aims to alleviate the financial burden on women and girls, ensuring access to affordable menstrual hygiene essentials.

The memo, submitted by the Ministry of Commerce, imposes strict regulations on retail and wholesale markups. Retail markups for sanitary napkins/towels and tampons are capped at 35%, while wholesale markups cannot exceed 30%. This timely intervention has sparked a positive reaction from women and girls across the nation, who applaud the government’s commitment to menstrual equity and accessibility. It’s a stride toward ensuring that no woman or girl is left behind in their basic right to affordable and essential hygiene.

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