Queen Che-Raina says Thank You

Newly Crowned Miss University of the Virgin Islands Cheraina Warner has issued an official release expressing Thanks to persons who were critical in her most recent success in winning the coveted MissUVI Ambassador Pageant in St.Thomas, USVI. Find below the full text of her Thank You Message


To the Almighty, the ALL mighty one I say Thank You! I didn’t know my own strength but you have the spirit of determination to juggle my education, work and pageantry. When I doubted myself you reminded me that with you all things are possible. I thank God for my mother who in her usual very simplistic style reminded me of the importance of prayer. Mommy you kept me throughout! Seeing you from the stage made me super emotional…I did you proud! To my role model and sister. My sister, Candace Warner, she literally checked in everyday to ensure everything was in order and I was happy. The only thing she didn’t do was to brush to my teeth like she normally does for my pageants. She believes in a clean pearly white smile. Thanks coming sis….you are my role model! To my A-Team!!! Memorable Moments pageant Consulting, Camari Mahoney and Shantel Jacobs a small but powerful team. You guys adopted me like family and I could never repay you both for all that you have done for me. Your sacrifices I treasure dearly. And as Camari would say to me in practices “Che-Raina get it together and get it together fast!”…happy I got it together for you both!
To my aunt who advised from overseas, aunty Jasemin Warner Weekes you are responsible for me being in the world of pageantry…I’m happy to make a rebound and add to the 3 crowns you helped me to attain.
My aunty Merideth, the prayer warrior thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Tayla B Manners and Cashkim Bussue these guys are solely responsible for my application enter. Cashkim ensured I got three application forms and although i didn’t fill any until the deadline tayla ensured she found the chairman to get it in! I know I cursed you guys for throwing me in but as tayla would say in practice sessions, “you’ll thank me later.”…You stood with me to every practice session, any and every activity, we did our own late night to early morning interview sessions whether we both had home work or not. She’s my FRIEND well I think mommy would say she’s my sister now.

To my brother, Hon. Shawn Richards thanks for always being there throughout my entire pageant life. He always supports with honest and blunt criticisms. Thanks for coming.
To my brothers who were unable to come. Thanks for sending my your love. In their eyes their sister is a queen all the time. Kalden Warner Kareem Warner and Sobberz Warner. To my cousins and my especially Meriskah Warner, VonDez Phipps, Mercia Welcome, Zonique Browne, Tristley Bassue, Clevaughn Bassue, Joeshan Jojo Bassue, Ali-One Warner, De Karlo Phipps and Michelle Phipps this is a trophy for the fam!

Team Cheraina

Team Cheraina

To my godfather, Reid Simon, thanks for keeping me grounded and always believing in me.
To my friends….Sherlon Audain, Riima Che Hughes, Lasabi Richi, Anthony Jr. Caines, Randy B DeSouza, Javeim Blanchette, Revi Rogers, Tanya Byron, Akeem Lee, Sonica Adams Janine Harris, Denzil DeCosta..you guys believed I had it from the jump and I thank you for your unwavering support from across the waters.
To the members of the St. Kitts-Nevis association I say thanks for being true kittitian patriots.
The SGA and Queens committee, I thank you guys for a well organized production from day one. It began and ended well. To the other contestants, as cliche as it gets we are all queens and continue to exude nothing short of brilliance.
To every single person that sent your best wishes via FB, whatsapp, email…I’m overwhelmed by the outpour of love. As your Ms. UVI ambassador 2016 I promise to remain the humble Che-Raina Warner that I’ve been.

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