Alleged Hammer Man Charged for Weekend Beating

Damian Hendrickson has been charged for this past weekends “Hammer” Incident at the Basseterre Ferry Terminal. Hendrickson  allegedly  assaulted a female at the Ferry terminal Friday night with a hammer.

Hendrickson has  been charged with the offence of Malicious Wounding.

He is accused of the  brutal beating of a  woman who allegedly threw a bottle that struck him in his head. Eyewitnesses claim that the thrown bottle was meant for another individual  .

OTHER Crime News:

Below is a report of and Arrest, Convictions and other Activities from the records of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. For period May 10.



Bailed: Damian Hendrickson who was formally charged and cautioned on a Warrant in the First Instance for the offence Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm was granted bail in sum of ($5,000.00)xcd. He was ordered to report to the Basseterre Magistrate Court on 4 July 2016. Bail was granted with the following conditions: report the Basseterre police station every Friday between 6 am and 6 pm and (2) stay 100 feet away from the virtual complainant.




In matters at the Basseterre Magistrate Court presided over by Her Honour Ms. Donna Harris the following convictions were reported:

– Troy Francis of Prickley Pear Alley was found guilty of possession of Cannabis and sentenced to one (1) year and for Trafficking of Cannabis he was sentenced to two (2) years.

–  Rodelle Clarke of Stapleton Village, St Peters was found guilty for the possession of Cannabis and fined $1000,00xcd. To be paid in two (2) months or months of hard labour and for obstruction under the drug act he was fined $500.00 payable in one (1) month are one (1) month in prison.




Traffic Accidents: Four (4) Traffic accidents occurred on the federation’s roadways in St. Kitts on May 10.


Traffic accident occurred about 10:40 a.m. on 10th May, 2016 at camps round-a-bout involving motor car P2991 and motor pick-up PA1427.


Traffic accident occurred about 4:00 pm on 10th May, 2016 at south of the of old CEMACO Building involving motor jeep PA8204 and a juvenile. The juvenile complained of pain to his head and his right foot was swollen and he was taken to the J.N.F. Hospital.


Traffic Accident occurred about 7:20 a.m. on 10th May 2016 in the vicinity of The Cable involving motor car P3281. The driver lost control of the vehicle causing it to flip over.


Another traffic accident occurred about 16:15 hrs on 10 May, 2016 along the island main road at the Mount Idle Sandy Point. Involving motor pick-up P8405 owned by Government of St. Kitts and Nevis and HA214.


Officers of the various units, and officers assigned to the various stations in the Federation continue to conduct vehicular check points,  searches of abandoned properties and lots and stop and searches of persons of interest.  These ongoing operations are efforts to remove illegal firearms, drugs and other instruments that can be used in criminal activity.  The end goal is to reduce the fear of crime in our communities and maintain citizen safety.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTS:  The Police School Liaison Officers continue to visit assigned Primary and Secondary Schools in the Federation.  The effort is to encourage good citizenship among our youth.

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