Marion Hall Leaves Lady Saw Behind


by Garth A. Rose,

For those who think Marion Hall’s recent Christian transformation from the reigning Dancehall Queen persona Lady Saw is a fleeting fancy, they are totally mistaken – says the newly committed Christian. Fresh from her premiere performance as a gospel singer this past weekend at the One Love in the Park concert in Lauderdale Lakes, speaking in an exclusive interview with the National Weekly, the born-again Christian Marion Hall assured that Lady Saw’s transformation was real, and that she’s leaving Lady Saw behind.

Reluctant at first to be interviewed, wanting to “focus on the peace I’m feeling through the Lord” she eventually relented, but stressed we were speaking with Marion Hall, as “Lady Saw is done and gone, never to return.”


Growing up in St. Mary, Jamaica, Hall said she was influenced by the Church and her great grandfather’s wife – Aunt Linda, who showed her “God’s power.” At age 11, she was first baptized in the Seven Day Adventist faith under the guidance of her father, but “didn’t really understand Christianity” for herself.

Falling in love with music as a young girl, Hall began performing early, singing and dancing for friends and family members. Influenced by dancehall singers like Sister Nancy, she ventured into the professional music world, and before long was the genre’s leading star.

But surprisingly, Hall confessed that although she made “good money” as an entertainer, she never enjoyed the ride.

“I used to return to my hotel or home after a performance and bawl, asking the Lord to forgive me for the words I was using and my behavior on stage.” Through 25 years in the business, she often wanted to quit, but “the devil wouldn’t let go of me.”

“Lady Saw was really a cover,” says Hall now, looking back. “She wasn’t who I really am. Lady Saw was on a mission to save her family, mother and siblings from the wicked ghetto, and improve their lives. Lady Saw helped a lot of people, but Marion Hall wasn’t happy.”

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