Population of St. Kitts and Nevis Sees Significant Growth Since 2011 Census

****The latest census data reveals that the enumerated population of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has experienced a notable increase, reaching 51,320 persons in 2022. This marks an impressive 8.7 percent rise over the count recorded during the 2011 census, which stood at 47,195 persons. The data highlights a consistent upward trend, with an increase of 4,125 persons over the span of 11 years. On average, this translates to an annual growth rate of 0.76 percent during the intercensal period.Breaking down the population distribution, the island of St. Kitts emerges as the primary hub, hosting 38,138 individuals. This accounts for approximately 74 percent of the federal population, underlining the island’s status as a major population center within the federation.Meanwhile, Nevis, though smaller in size, remains a significant contributor to the overall demographic landscape. With a population of 13,182 persons, Nevis comprises the remaining 26 percent of the federation’s populace.The data reflects not only population growth but also the evolving demographic dynamics within the federation. As St. Kitts and Nevis continue to develop and progress, understanding these demographic shifts becomes essential for effective planning and resource allocation to ensure the well-being and prosperity of all residents.

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