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We are in the middle of community spread.
We are having increasing number of cases.
The good news is that the positivity rate is low.
The good new is that our vaccination rate is high so we should not see an overwhelming of our health system.
Unfortunately the majority of the persons who are infected and showing up with symptoms are those who are not vaccinated.
Many of them expressing regrets at not coming forward earlier because they were misled.
It is disingenuous for you to have gotten vaccinated and kept it a secret and tell others they have a choice and could wait for an alternative.
It is disingenuous for you to know that the science shows that the vaccine we have is safe and effective and save lives and hold this information from persons who are looking to you for leadership and guidance.
I don’t want a single life to be lost to this deadly virus.
I beg each and everyone of you to let common sense prevail and go and get vaccinated.
Don’t wait until you are huffing , puffing and short of breath with a high fever to say you wish you had come forward earlier.
To date 20 ,824 of adults over the age of 18 or 63% of the target have listened to the advice and gotten vaccinated.
To date 8156 adults over 18 or 24.7 percent of the target population are fully vaccinated.
That includes many if not all who are telling you to wait for an alternative.
Anyone who tells you to wait cannot have your interest at heart .
I beg of you. I am pleading with you. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting vaccinated.
I am making this plea for no other reason than I believe that every life is precious and everyone deserves a lifetime.

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