PAP, Peace and economy at risk with a secret PAM-Labour deal, says PM Harris

For Immediate Release: Monday 4th July 2022
Prime Minister and PLP leader Timothy Harris has warned of a secret deal between Labour and PAM that would put the PAP, the Peace Programme and the economy at risk.Following scenes of Labour and PAM supporters marching and campaigning together on Friday, Harris raised the prospect of a secret deal that would leave people poorer, our economy weaker and make our streets more dangerous.Just days after announcing an increase in PAP payments, Harris, speaking after the opening of PLP candidate Andrew ‘Talbo’ Bass’ vision centre in constituency number 8, said, “If you march together you are together – so time for them to be honest with the people. What deal has been done? What will happen to PAP under the deal?“Because we know Douglas Labour do not support PAP. We know Douglas Labour do not support the peace. We know Douglas Labour cannot manage the economy, and Party Shawn will be too weak to stand up to Douglas.“Make no mistake, a vote for PAM is a vote for Labour. A vote for Labour is a vote for PAM. Only a vote for the PLP will put the people first and deliver a better future.”Bass also spoke at the event and pledged his commitment to the PAP and the Peace for the people of constituency number 8.He said, “I’ve seen how these programmes have supported the people in #8. And at a time of global uncertainty – we can’t let Labour take them away. Let the economic wheels of our country continue to turn in the right direction. I’ll increase the PAP and I’ll protect the Peace Programme! So we can have a secure future in constituency number 8.”

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