Mysterious SKELEC Power Outage Disrupts Straight Talk Broadcast with 3rd Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris

In a bizarre turn of events, a mysterious power outage struck parts of Bird Rock during the live airing of the immensely popular “Straight Talk” program with host Ian Patches Liburd and special guest 3rd Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris. This unannounced and unscheduled disruption occurred during a broadcast that had gathered a substantial audience of over 2000 viewers across YouTube and Facebook.

The outage specifically affected the area around Ian Patches Liburd’s residence, where he conducts his weekly show. SKELEC (St. Kitts Electricity Company) has remained silent on the cause of this unexpected incident, leaving viewers and participants puzzled.

As the community buzzes with questions, an ongoing investigation seeks to uncover the truth behind this mysterious power outage. The incident has added an intriguing twist to an already eventful broadcast, leaving many eager for answers and explanations.

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