Miss Caribbean Culture 2016 Talks about Pageantry and Entrepreneurship

Kimarah Isaac


kimarah isaac

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By: Kimarah Isaac, Education Professional

New York, NY (August 11, 2016) – In an attempt to inform the youths of St. Kitts and Nevis on the topic of entrepreneurship, I interviewed Miss Khyla Brown, the reigning Miss Caribbean Culture and owner of Beauty by Khy.

At the tender age of eleven, Khyla already developed a deep passion for experimenting with nail products. This passion drew her to the nail industry. Through years of practice, Khyla’s hobby turned into what she describes as “a well-versed trade skill” that is currently her main source of income. She hopes to not only continue to represent the federation in pageantry only but also, keep expanding her business to the point where she is able to employ other individuals in the community. Khyla enjoys activities likes singing, relaxing, watch movies, dine at restaurants, travel and visit friends in her leisure time.

Like many small business owners, Khyla has faced her share of obstacles. This is what she had to say when I asked her about the challenges involved with being an entrepreneur.
“While growing up you are trying to find yourself so societal and peer pressures got the best of me. I started doubting myself with the career path that I had chosen. Many do not consider the beauty industry to be a lucrative or legitimate career choice. Many would encourage intellectuals like myself, to pursue more traditional jobs like accounting and law. Many are of the view that trades are for academically challenged persons only.”

Despite those challenges she has continued to gain success and here is how she does it. “I continue to work hard to disprove that stereotype. Many individuals who try to dictate my career path are already doing what they love so, I constantly tell myself I’ll stick with it. Not just because of the financial gains but, it never feels like work.”

Phenomenal is the word Khyla uses to describe her pageantry experience. She cited discipline and perseverance as the main attributes that she learned by being involved with such pageantry.
She also added “it has its ups and downs, but what aspect of life doesn’t? Overall, pageantry is a blessing. You meet various individuals with different personalities thus, building or tweaking your social skills. Most of all, pageantry helps you grow as a person. You sharpen existing skills and develop new ones. It helps you to see life in a different light like the importance punctuality and physical appearance.”

Her message to youths is, “always put your best foot forward. Aspire to be excellent. Don’t just think about it but do it, after doing it, try to excel and perfect it.”

For further information on services offered by Beauty by Khy contact Khyla Brown at Khylabeauty@gmail.com or 869 762-6202. You may also visit her Facebook page by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/BeautyByKhy/?fref=ts .
Kimarah Isaac can be reached at kimarah29@gmail.com.

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